An Unexpected Coffee Table

A couple of weeks ago our living room was rearranged and a black accent wall was painted.
If you remember this photo from that post – it was a very boring view of our room.
There was no coffee table.
I have used this iron bird cage in our home and garden for a few years. Once we even had little parakeets in it. =/  The cage comes apart in three separate pieces.  This was one of those Homegoods finds that I couldn’t pass up.
The iron base has been getting rusty and chippy from the weather – perfect for my living room.
Not too big but provides a spot for books and drinks.
I am trying out my new lens for my camera. Photography is not easy.  I am practicing here and there but to be honest, I have not been having much fun with it, until today. I feel like I am getting more comfortable with my DSLR.
This picture is focused on the crack in my IKEA pot. Why? I do not know!
Please bare with me as I try out my camera that has been intimidating me for way too long.
I do hope you enjoyed seeing my bird cage coffee table. I like using unexpected pieces in place of traditional furniture.
Have a super fun day!
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The table looks great!! I got a \”big girl\” camera for Christmas…and I have no idea how to use it!! I've been playing here and there…but still using my point and shoot for my blog photos…DUH!! Good luck 🙂

What a cute table and OF COURSE I love that bird cage, too. It's great to have a table to set things on, isn't it?That black accent wall just really sets things off. I love it!Have a great weekend- xo Diana

What kind of lens did you get and does it do those close ups? If so, I think I need to get one. Your sweet table is adorable. Perfectly rusty.

very cute Holly….I seem to remember a coffee table you made for that sofa a while back?

Holly, this little metal base is perfect for you living room! I think your photography skills are pretty awesome. I'm still taking pics with my cell phone :Z

The table looks great and I am loving your photography!

What a great idea. You never know what will happen when you look at things differently.*Smiles*

I think your photography is exceptional and I love the chippy table! ~~Angela

Love this table and that birdcage is so pretty. Gotta love HG!!!Cynthia

your pictures are looking great, holly! love the rusty table:)

Very neat idea Holly…luv it!Blessings,Linda

Sweet! It took me a minute to realize it was the base of your birdcage…what can I say? I'm only on my first cup of coffee- lol! It's perfect! Looks like you are getting the hang of your camera- really nice photos.

This table is perfect Holly, love the rust, and still thinking about your wonderful dark wall too!xo, Tanya

Your pictures are turning out wonderful! Can't wait till I get a DSLR, you'll be able to give me pointers by then. 😉

I love that little table Holly and love the black accent wall too!!

Your photos are so good! Your composition is beautiful. I always love the full room shots you give us. Always fun to see your ideas,Deb

Very cute! Love the shape.Brenda

I love it. . . what kind of lens di you get? I have a Cannon rebel and for now just use the 2 lens's that came with it but I'm considering a wide angle lens .. your photos are awesome. . . Stop by real simple style when you get a chance. ~d

Perfect choppy rusty element to add to the living room. LUV it ! The pictures are luvly!

That is the cutest! I love how unique it is for a coffee table. I think your pictures look good! I hope to one day get a better camera myself.

How did I miss your black wall ? You seriously rock Holly! I love your risk-taking. I've always wanted to do a black wall…maybe in my next house ..the table looks perfect in there.

It looks amazing! I love using unusual pieces too! Great look!

I love that little chippy rusty table. It is perfect. I need you to email me please at I emailed you a couple days ago, but maybe you didn't get it.

I love that little chippy rusty table. It is perfect. I need you to email me please at I emailed you a couple days ago, but maybe you didn't get it.

Oh Holly, you're doing an awesome job with your camera! I still don't know how to work/use mine. I feel intimidated as well. Love your new coffee table!! Enjoy your day, Gail

Love the worn look of the coffee table & I think I might have missed your black accent wall….Really, really love that!Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Holly,I love this base for a coffee table. It is perfect. You are taking great pics with your camera. The shots look so pretty.Kris

super cute- i love the rusty element it brings!