Paint A Black Accent Wall

Mazi and I are excited to show you what we have been working on.

I wanted a photo collage in the living room but the sofa made the wall feel too small for the look I was going for. The piano takes up the only solid interior wall so it feels like the sofa should go along the other.
But I tried something different….
I don’t want to block natural light from coming in but there aren’t many options for the sofa.
Here is the front foyer to the living room. The sofa doesn’t block the entry at all. I thought it might be a tight squeeze.
I think it works!
Our living room looks into the craft room/homework space.Ā 
Plenty of sun comes through in the morning and the evening so this space can handle the dark color. The walls are painted Northampton Putty by Benjamin Moore. The black wall is an “oops” paint from Lowe’s. I got really lucky to have found a gallon of flat black paint for $5. I would have purchased chalkboard paint, otherwise.
White and natural colors really “pop” against the black.
Like this beautiful horse photo.
I find that stacking benches and trunks helps me consolidate items that I don’t have a lot of room for but I still want to keep. I actually love the look.
(our master bedroom has a stacked trunk and bench too see it HERE)
I made room for my accent wall and photos (which you will see more about in a future post) and the room has more of a “cool factor”.
What do you think?
Maybe I should spend more time in here.
Mazi is in heaven on neighborhood watch while sitting on the white sofa – a Pottery Barn drop Cloth slipcover.
That was a fun and easy update.
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46 Replies to “Paint A Black Accent Wall”

  1. I think it's gorgeous!! I dare you to paint the rest of the walls the same color. It's such a light large room, I think you should fully commit!

  2. I love it Holly! I would definitely use it more! Put a couple chairs facing your sofa for good conversation and I bet your whole family will use it. šŸ˜‰ ~ Kim

  3. Now I know why you featured some black and white inspiration photos in one of your recent posts! I love the way that accent wall looks! The items you hung on the wall look great too.

  4. I love the way it looks but I would not be able to handle it in my home. All winter it is so dark a dreary and I would not be able to handle the darkness. But congrats for being so daring! Dianntha

  5. I would never believe I would say I love a Black wall, but WOW, it really looks great.Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Holy COW! That looks fantastic! I absolutely love it. I think it is very classy looking and really makes the room pop! xo Diana

  7. There you go again! – making such a great design statement. Your brand is recognizable and beautiful – very livable.Inspiring,Deb@LakeGirlPaints

  8. Holly this turned out great and I love the trunk stack. The wall turned out great. Mazi, she is a photo ham and adorable!Cynthia

  9. I love it! I've wanted a black wall for eons. šŸ™‚ I just shared my navy accent wall and I'm loving it. Had a choice of 5 colors when I moved here. I think the sofa is great where it is now and obviously Maizie likes it! She is so cute ~xoPat

  10. when my son was a teenager, we painted one of his walls black. i LOVED it, and i love yours, holly! how cute is maizie?! happy vday!

  11. Your black wall is so striking! Mazi looks so cute. I got behind in my grooming and our dogs had to have haircuts–I can't wait til they are long again because I love the long haired look…Happy Valentine's day!

  12. I love the look of black and white, there is something so classic about it. Black has always been an accent color I love along with black and white toile mixed with stripes and checks. My daughter has been after me for years to let it go… I don't think I can!! I totally LOVE your black wall, what a WOW factor and looks so stunning with the light white curtains… and of course Mazi always shines up a room! Loved your valentine bedroom too… you just have tooooo much energy for me, I can't keep up! I'm working on my main bathroom right now, and pulling wallpaper down on my 2story foyer, but I seem to jump from space to space and never seem to get any room totally done. But the house is getting better all the time. Just wish I felt that I had one room done… focus, I just need to focus!Goofy hugs,Pendra

  13. I believe your sofa is at the right place, Holly! Enough sunlight can still come in to your house because of your large windows. Anyway, great job on our accent wall! Now that you have more space for your photos, Iā€™m expecting another batch of captivating ones on this wall. Thanks for the share! šŸ™‚Suzanne Dyck

  14. We had a black wall in our last house and I LOVED it! WE also painted our basement \”rec room\” ceiling black 40 years ago. We were WAY ahead of our time:):) Love your wall. EVERYTHING pops against a black wall. Beautiful!!!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous !!!I once had a dining room painted entirely black – with all the moldings white – ( it was what sold the house in one day with 8 offers ) Paint the whole room black !!!LOVE it – and you make me want to do it again :)Your wall looks beautifully sophisticated and magazine worthy !XOXO

  16. When I saw the name of the post (something about a black wall) I thought, I'm not going to like this. . . but I was so wrong! Really dramatic, like everyone else I love it! Good for you for having the guts to \”black it out!\”

  17. I just saw your accent wall over at the wood grain cottage – I absolutely love everything about it!keya

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