How to Make a Pedestal Sink Skirt Rod

Pedestal sink skirts are so nice because you can add an interesting patterned fabric to a room with no window. Plus hide the plumbing behind the sink base. I have used double stick Velcro in the past but this time I wanted a real rod.
I searched on line to buy one and “wow” they were pricey. Some were square, some were round. I decided to make my own. Here’s how…..
 Supplies to buy in the plumbing dept….
1 – (2) 1/2 inch Galvanized Floor Flanges ($9.39 each – $18.78 for both)
2 – (3) 1/2 inch Galvanized 18 inch pipes ($6.05 each – $18.15 for all three)
3 – (2) 1/2 inch Galvanized 90 degree elbows ($1.77 each – $3.54 for both)
Measure your sink at the widest depth and width to choose which sizes are best for you. I hung mine below the bowl. I wanted 16 inch pipes for the sides but made 18’s work.
These are tough to screw on so mine still have thread showing – I decided not to care about that. Once you have them all put together. Lay it on the floor and make sure it doesn’t “rock”. Try to make sure that all four corners lay flat to the floor. (for straightening purposes)
Hold the bar in place and mark where the four screws will go into the wall. Set the bar aside.
I like to find wall studs with a Monkey Hook. Drill a pilot hole where the wall studs are. If you don’t find studs you’ll have to use sheet rock toggles.
You may need to use washers if your screw head is too small for the whole in the flange.
That’s it for that part.
For under $45, I made it myself. Saved about $150.00!
I will show you how I made and attached my sink skirt HERE.
See how the skirt was made HERE.
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Clever Girl! It has sort of a …industrial stripe-y vibe going on there. You just amaze me. Pat

That works great. I have always just used adhesive velcro to attach it right to the sink itself. This is a really good idea here- xo Diana

only you could think of that….wow….great colors for the skirt too!!! MUAHHH

This is adorable but I think your sink skirt is a tad too long. First time someone comes up to the sink and steps on it, it will rip off.Great idea, though.

Very creative Holly!Cynthia

love it, holly!

Love this! What a great idea!Debbie

Great idea. Looks great.

You're using your noggin again, great idea.

Never in a million years would I have thought of that one! Genius! Can't wait to see part 2!

Super duper idea Holly…and I love that skirt.Blessings,Linda

What a great idea Holly! You are always thinking outside the box.

Ha! Never would have occurred to me either. abut that's why we have you the luvly Holly for the inspiration. Luv it!

Holly, I would have never thought of that. So so cute and very well done!