Old Fence – New Tray

This table tray is made out of an old fence that I have used for several projects.
By using what was available to me in my backyard and an item from my junk stash made it so this project was free.
I started with this piece of fence but an old shutter would work great, too.
The left over section of fence was cut down to a size that would work here on the coffee table or for our dining table. I have a table saw that I love. It’s the most used “appliance” at my house. I used a metallic acrylic paint over the natural wood color.
 Then I cut a couple of branches that were found in the woods near my backyard. Cutting them at about the same length.
While the paint dried I drilled pilot holes in the branches.
When the paint was nearly dry, I took a razor blade to the edges to give it a little wear.
The two pilot holes in each branch makes it easier for the 3 inch screws to drive through the wood. That will attach the short branches as handles to both sides of my tray.
Drill two 3 inch wood screws into each branch but only until you barely get to the bottom of the branch.
You will need a ‘spacer’ like a roll of tape.
Then finish drilling through the branch and shutter/fence until your spacer is wedged in between them tight but so you still can remove it.
And there it is. Easy handles.
This would be a great gift idea for friends or neighbors all filled up with yummy baked goods.
Now it will be easy to remove my centerpiece display when we need to use the table.
Rustic, Natural, Recycled and Free!
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Love it Holly…

rustic and simply beautiful…love that brown fur throw by the way…Just got my first fur throw too this weekend at World Market!!!! Sending LUV and Hugs your way

Clever and cute, just like the missus of the house.

The tray is beautiful, Holly. I love recycled and repurposed creations.

Holly, I love trays, they are so useful. Great for Summer cookouts, entertaining, decorating and even caring junk from one room to another. Fun, fun, fun, what more can I say other than way creative. love ya, mom

Holly this turned out really cool. It goes with your home so well.Cynthia

Looks like you just added another wonderful piece of woodwork to your home! That is so unique and perfect for your coffee table.

Absolutely LOVE this idea! It is so pretty. I have seen trays similiar to this on Pinterest. I love the size of yours. Great Job!!Blessings,Sherri

How fun is this. I love it. Great vignette too. Hugs, Marty

This is such a great piece to use any time of the year!It's always fun to see your latest creations, Holly. How I wish we were neighbors…although you'd probably get sick of me picking your brain for ideas. :-)Mary Alice

I love it!

Free is good. In this case, free is also gorgeous. I love that you call your table saw and appliance!

I am in the process of making a tray for our guest bedroom – yours looks perfect!agirlandhersparkles.blogspot.com

It is adorable. I love the handles.

Love it! Rustic and beautiful!! It would look pretty hanging on the wall too!