Easy Christmas Window Design

I love a colonial style house with a wreath on every window for Christmas.
I used to do that at one house we lived in so I know I have several wreaths. With that idea in mind, I went to take down these small wreaths that I hung up last spring but decided to just keep them and make them more festive instead.
I used a branch that used to go in our window boxes in the winter at our last house. I tied it on with thin twine and slipped one of the cones and stems through the little wreath.
I used some ribbon that was left over from my Wood Box Gift Decor to top them off.
To keep them from blowing around in the wind I used some of those command Velcro stickers.
Stuck it in the center of the window.
That was much easier than climbing up to our storage area to find the other wreaths.
There are just two and all the windows have a little light in them, also.
You can see more of the porch HERE.
I must give the impression that I am so lazy, I never want to dig in our storage. I used to be able to spread all the Christmas stuff out in a basement but now…it’s all up high in a little garage. It takes way more effort to get to – so for now, easier is better (and to be honest – safer – I am clumsy!)
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You have a really lovely house, and this décor made it even more gorgeous. Hanging wreaths on doors is pretty common, but I didn’t think flopping them on windows would be a superb idea. So, thanks for this! Would you be hanging them again this for next Christmas?Fredda Dangelo @ Accurate Roofing & Siding LLC

Holly, took your advise last year and used stripped burlap ribbon with my garland coming up my railing and love the look. Lasts through all kinds of weather too. The wreaths look great, lucky your windows are low enough to hang without a lot of hassle. Your fun personality shines in everything you touch. love ya, mom

I adore your porch and the wreaths are so beautiful. What a fabulous idea. Hugs, Marty

Love the wreaths! Your porch looks so welcoming.Kathy

You are far from giving the impression that you are lazy, in fact, your darling wreaths simply show that your creativity knows no bounds! I just adore them! I hadn't found you yet back in 2011, but I have to say, your holiday home was breathtaking. p.s. one of the things I abhor is digging through storage trying to find decor from past Christmases! I just think, \”Oh well, I'll make something new!\”

So pretty Holly!!

Holly these came out really cute!!!Cynthia

Your porch is so inviting! What a warm welcome. I have always loved wreaths and candles in the windows. I just have one wreath in a window…oh well, it's a start!Deb

Come on gal… it's all in the perspective! Instead of telling everyone it's easier, tell them it's simplified. It's all in the perspective! hehehe! Everything you do looks like it took a lot of thought, materials and time, you are the most creative person I (virtually) know, and can make ANYTHING/EVERYTHING you get your hands on gorgeous!! I wish I had a front porch to decorate, but with attached garage we hardly ever go out front so instead I decorate our back patio, which we see a lot of, letting Hannah out. Mazi looks like she wants to get our… Read more »

I like the mix of grapevine with the greenery and pinecones and red checked ribbon. Great combination.

Super pretty, Holly! I like the simplicity of this, plus that it doesn't take so much room to store. I neither like to have to dig in my storage, nor do I have much storage space to begin with!

Perfect little wreath Holly. LOVE your porch, so rustic and pretty.

I think your little wreaths look lovely and I'm right there with you on not wanting to climb up into the attic to get my stuff down!

Your wreaths look so pretty! Good idea sticking them down too so they don't bash around. I liked your little tree too, looks great on that lovely porch of yours!

I love them! Your porch is so warm and welcoming!!

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Love the wreaths…so pretty!! Your doggie is adorable.~Cindy

It is beautiful! Clever idea!