Christmas Porch 2013

Here are some pictures of our front porch.

I like having a glass front door for function but the glare is horrible for picture taking. So you get to see my neighbors house across the street instead of my boxwood wreath on the door.
It’s pretty simply decorated – compared to last year.
But I did more yard lights. If you look past the white chair you can see the big birch tree has lights in it. I climbed up there and put them on. That was fun :-/
(Maybe I should add one more house number? Just kidding, I really meant to switch the door number to something like Welcome.)
The Japanese maple tree has lights, too.
Plain white lights are hung like a swag on the porch railing. I know I have garland and wreaths somewhere but I haven’t opened all our Christmas boxes, yet. I have to climb like 15 feet high to get them so…
We gotta have our kissing ball…. 😉
(because my 11 year old boys LOVE it when I kiss them)
I found the metal door hanger that I bought a few years ago in Cape May at a cute boutique.
Garland hangs from the light fixtures and silver beads hang across the top.
I have some faux snow to add and a few more decorations but it has been freezing out.
(I shouldn’t complain about 32 degrees – my Dad sends me updates from Utah – 2 degrees – ouch!)
Stay warm and safe but have fun!
Merry Christmas!
(there you are Little Brags – I hope you like it! Christine told me I better post my porch next so this one is for her – see her cute Christmas porch HERE.)