Freehand Paint a House Number on Old Wood

I made a house number yesterday.  I like to make our house number easy to see for the postal workers this time of year.
But sometimes my Cricut or stencils aren’t big enough or I just don’t want to get out a lot of supplies for something as simple as this.
I start by sketching out the number on a wood piece with pencil.
I pour acrylic paint out on a paper plate.
 Then feather paint the numbers a little at a time to keep them even.
Start on the outside numbers first.
I don’t end up staying right in the pencil lines – they are just a guide.
The center number gets painted last.
Once the numbers are the right size and shape then I go back over it to make the paint thicker all around.
It’s pretty even….enough.
I was decorating the porch this weekend. Today we have freezing rain.
See the icicles on the lantern?  The tree branches are covered in ice, too.
It’s very beautiful, really.
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We've had ice and a little snow, and finally the sun is trying to peek through. I am cheering it on. Love your little sign. xo Laura

I don't know how you get your lines so straight! I love this idea because the house and mailbox numbers really are hard to see. Have your kids been home from school this week because of snow? This wet snow makes it look like a winter wonderland here.Mary Alice

That is a great idea, Holly! I know your postal worker is going to appreciate that, yo.

So cute! :)Susan

Brrrr! We are cold here but at least it will get over 32 barely! Stay warm.

I realized last night that didn't even shower the whole day. I changed from PJ's to sweats to PJ's. That's a great way to spend a Sunday! 🙂

Three days? It feels kind of good to be cold and be able to have the weather as an excuse to do 'nothing'!

Hi Laurie…I loved capturing Mazi all curious about the new candles in the windows. She doesn't remember them from last year. Hope you are staying happy and warm.

Sometimes I get lucky and it looks even but I have ruined things this way before – fabric.

Thanks Laurel!!! 🙂

Hi Kelly, thank for stopping by. I have never had a custom number made – well, a cement one put in the brick once but that s it. This one is just kind of junky. 🙂

I was thinking the same thing the other day on my walk. Even though all the leaves are fallen and plants are dormant – nature is still just so amazing any time of year. Hope you are staying warm, Jules! Happy Holiday Season!

LOL! I am getting there. Now I am nervous it won't be up to your standards. You always have a beautiful porch! I went slightly plain-ish this year.

Thank you, Barbara Jean!

We went from 12 to 519. One time we really like this house but the street was called Skunk Misery Road. I didn't even consider it because I didn't like that name – well, the location wasn't exactly right either. 🙂

Holly this is adorable and you have a great number. The house we sold was 3 not much fun and the new one is 62 so we are excited about that, more to do. The things I think about, I'll tell ya!!!Cynthia

love it and and all you pictured. =)blessingsbarb

I can not wait to see your front porch all decked out……That better be your next blog post….LOL… the sign too!!!!!

Perfectly freehanded!!! All those Christmas cards should find your house… in spite of the freezing rain! (BTW, looks SO BEAUTIFUL on your decor! Nature really does the best decorating!) xoxo jules

That's a cute way to add a house number to your home. They ones you buy can get so expensive. Hope you're inside and staying warm during this freeze!

Looks great…your porch looks lovely 🙂

Your free hand is so good! My letters never end up being even that way! Love this, as usual :)

the house numbers look great! Even the icicles fit right in. I love the photo of your dog, how adorable is that!

We've been iced in for almost three days. Stay warm and safe. I love the house numbers.

We had ice then sleet….no church for me today….I have been in pj's all day…warm and cozy. Love your house number….NICE! Beautiful as always.. Blessings!

Great idea! Snow and ice here. Not supposed to be over freezing temperature for weeks. Yuk!Brenda

hi there…..I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog……you have some wonderful talent…..I just added your blog to my blog list because I have recently been changing my style from primitive to what I call earthy comfy casual….I still have that love for prim's and have a few girlfriends that I share their homes on my blog for my prim friends…..but as you can see in my header…my home is a work in progress…and as I love to decorate it is forever changing…hope you will stop by and see how I am doing…..

Looks great Holly! We've got snow here today as well…Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG