New Family Pictures 2013

Finally I found a photographer to help me with family photos this year.
They are twins…can you believe it?
Mom and Dad
We just did a little mini session with Josie, a sweet and talented girl that lives close to me.
We wore a mix of khaki green, browns/tan and grey. I let the boys just wear clothes that they usually wear to school instead of making them dress up. We look more like ourselves that way.
This year we will have a Christmas card.
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Lawanna Brown

Holly, hope I get one of those beautiful pictures to put on my mantel. I just love the new you look. You and Marc look like newly weds. Ben and Luke always have taken great pictures. As much as I love the new pictures I have a hard time replacing their baby pictures on the mantel. Thanks for be such a wonderful daughter and friend. Love ya mom


Holly, these are gorgeous pictures. What a gorgeous clan and happy. Love them!!Cynthia


And a fine looking family it is at that!

Susan Lloyd

wow! first of all, I love and hate your blog. I love your style! it is mine; however, like Pinterest, I recent the fact that I am old (54) and don't have enough time to do all the things I see you do (and Pinterest). I don't know how you get the energy to do it all.also, as you probably already know, one boy is the spitting image of you and the other of his dad. how fun is that! keep on blogging and decorating. Merry Christmas

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

Love your pictures.You have a Beautiful family!

Christine Vandormolen

sweet pictures, you look awesome Holly (and the boys too)


such great family pics, holly! and you are gorgeous, girl:)

Down to Earth Style

Thanks Leslie….I wore too much mascara in the picture…I tried to not look so tired and puffy but…well, thanks for complimenting me, that was very sweet. :)Holly

Down to Earth Style

Thanks Amy!!! 🙂

Dee M

Gorgeous, Holly! I love your idea about casual dressing. After years of wrangling everyone into dress-up clothes, I started taking casual photos last year, and it worked out so much better–they actually smiled! Dee 🙂

Leslie Harris

Wow, what a great looking family. The boys are so darn cute. And you look so beautiful Holly! If I were you I'd be plastering my pictures everywhere :)Thanks for sharing your Christmas photos I love them.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Fabulous! You have a gorgeous family!

Down to Earth Style

Thank you Sally – so do you. I Iove getting us all together each year for a quick photo shoot. The kids change so much. I do too….cheeks – bigger, eyes -smaller

Down to Earth Style

Thanks Angie! Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!xoHolly

Sally LoveOfHomes

You have a beautiful family, Holly!

Angie Chavez

Absolutely love your family photos, Holly! Merry Christmas!

Down to Earth Style

Hey Kelly!Yes, my boys have always been very different. It is probably because we always encouraged them to embrace their differences since they were little. We didn't want them to compete or think they had to be like each other…..I guess it worked. (too much sometimes). :)Enjoy your weekend and thanks for leaving a comment.

Down to Earth Style

You leave me the sweetest comments. Thank you, Marty.xoHolly

Down to Earth Style

My kids change so fast – we didn't get pictures done last year and I was so sad. I love comparing their growth each year.Get yours done – you won't regret it. 🙂

Down to Earth Style

Thanks.. 🙂

Down to Earth Style

They are totally opposite in every way. OS weird that it worked out that way. Love hearing from you – thanks for reading!

Down to Earth Style

Thank you! I am always at odds with my hair. Grow out – cut it. Dark – light. Thank you for the compliment. Enjoy your weekend.

Down to Earth Style

So glad you stopped by. 🙂 Thank you!

Down to Earth Style

Thanks Amanda….kids grow up so fast. 🙂


Those are such good pictures! Your boys look very different from each other even though they're twins. I bet each one of them wants to show they're own style now that they're older. The picture of you and your husband is wonderful too!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Oh they are all fabulous. I love seeing the whole family together and the boys are so grown up. I love how they are so individual even if they are twins. Hugs, Marty


Gorgeous. I want to do that so bad someday!

chateau chic

Cute, cute family pictures, Holly!!! And you are absolutely gorgeous!Mary Alice

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting


ImSoVintage Laura Walker

Beautiful pictures. One boy looks like you and the other like his dad. Perfect. xo Laura

Something Nice and Pretty

Great family pictures and what handsome guys you have! Love your hair too!


Lovely photo's! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda {Kids and Cabernet}

Beautiful pictures!