Black Friday Birthday

Today these two baby twinkies turn 11 years old!
They are actually 3 1/2 weeks old here. Born at 31 weeks.
6 weeks we all spent in the NICU…
They grew to be chubby, happy babies.
This is a picture of  us sitting in a home we decided to buy and remodel – see how it’s under construction? Not such a good idea with twin babies that would not sleep through the night. No family around to help either…what we were thinking?
First birthday eating cake with black frosting for the choo-choo wheels.
Beach babies.
They are so lucky to have each other.
Time just flew by…

We moved to a new house….
Best years of my life!
Love you Ben and Luke!!!

-balloon boobs and check out the punching bag….seriously?-
Where oh where is that going to go????
The story is longer than that but I have a bunch of boys coming over in one minute!

The Game Truck arrived.

Six big screen TV’s and a huge comfy sofa.


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Down to Earth Style

I love you Mom. Wish you were here….you would have loved playing in the game! 🙂 You always make every birthday so special.

Lawanna Brown

Time really does fly by. Happy Birthday from Nana and Papa. Miss the both of you. These boys are the most handsome boys around, but what else would you expect, look at their beautiful parents. Miss you. love ya, mom


So fun to see your boys pics as they grew! Such handsome guys! Game Truck? That's a new one on me. My brother just brought us a punching bag for Jacob. I have no idea where to put it! LOL!


Da-ammmm the males in your life are handsome!

Christine Vandormolen

super cute Holly…..I love little boys!!! you are double blessed


hope their day was fabulous!


Happy Birthday to your sweet boys. Great pictures of them growing upEnjoy every minute with them as they grown up so fast.Mary

Jules from bles-id

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet boys! That GAME TRUCK is the perfect way to party! Wow, what a great idea!!! So neat seeing the different houses, hairdo's, and growth of the kiddos… and the love just kept growing along with them! xoxo jules


So glad you shared this…..I really enjoyed meeting your family and see them grow up in the pictures!! A handsome bunch they are! Blessings to you and a Happy Birthday to your twins! Roxie And what a GREAT idea with this game truck!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Your boys are fantastic and what a blessing. YOur sweet comment about our little premi so warmed my heart and seeing how fabulous your little premi's are too. God is good. Happy Birthday to the boys. Hugs, Marty

Shabby chic Sandy

Happy birthday to your boys! Those are just awesome twin pictures–thanks for sharing them 🙂


Oh wow! That game truck is awesome! My 12 yr old would've loved going to their party. Your boys are so cute and you're right they are lucky to have each other. It seems that multiples are always close. My hat is off to you for raising two boys at a time. Mine are spaced far apart! LOL. Hope they had a great birthday today.

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking

Beautiful family photos… Happy Birthday boys!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

Your boys are gorgeous! I loved seeing them change over the years. Happy Birthday to them both. Game truck?? I have never heard of one of those! What a great idea!~Shanon

Dee M

Sounds like a great birthday party! Have a wonderful weekend. Dee 🙂


Awwwww, sweet photos. Happy B-Day to your boys.

ImSoVintage Laura Walker

Your boys are adorable. Happy birthday to them. xo Laura

Cozy Little House

Happy Birthday to your sweet boys. I didn't even know they had trucks like that. Of course my \”babies\” are 35 and 39 and I'm 56. They didn't have that back then in the olden days!Brenda