Rosemary Twigs

One of my neighbors dropped by a business card that I had requested from her. I wasn’t home so she left the card lying on my porch table with a sprig of Rosemary. What a thoughtful touch.

When I saw my neighbor again I thanked her, more for the rosemary than the business card as that left such a sweet impression of her kindness.
She told me that I could grow my own little rosemary plant from that little twig she left me.
(I had used it on grilled fish for dinner that night so I no longer had it)
Last weekend when we were cleaning up the yard I noticed that my HERB PLANTERS, having been neglected the later part of the season, were mostly dead except for the rosemary.
I found some soil and replanted the two small neglected rosemary plants together in this urn.
Neither plant was shaped very pretty so I cut them back a little.
Those little twigs clipped from my own bush sit on the window sill in a ball jar and water. I am hoping they will sprout some roots so I can transfer them to their own pretty pot.
I love smelling the natural scent of Rosemary.
I will be using this fresh herb in my Thanksgiving cooking. The stuffing and the turkey are so tasty with the addition of Rosemary.
Fresh, natural greens are one of my most favorite home accessories.
Now, if I can keep her healthy enough to make a topiary shape out of her in time that will be beautiful.
I know the floor looks like I never sweep – that might be true but Mazi won’t leave this little plant alone – it smells so good!