Family Room Simplified

I have wanted to try new ways to arrange the furniture in our family room. Having the sofas face each other works out the best but they felt so far apart up against the walls.

Like this…
So I moved them closer together.
I worried that it would be awkward to watch the TV but it is fine.
The carpet gets dirty really easy because the door to our backyard is right here.
I pulled up the grey rug yesterday and steamed cleaned the whole carpet in this room. I left a lot of the decorations out, too (including the window panels). Sometimes ‘plain’ feels good.
I wish the flooring were all wood instead – it just feels cleaner.
I should have had the sofas like this the whole time. Conversation is much easier. I like that this room is square with a centered fireplace. Having the space behind the sofas and one coffee table in the middle makes the room all cozy but still feels spacious.
I love a little fresh change and a clean room – even though it might look a little “bland”.
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