Thanksgiving Cranberry Salad

I used to leave out the traditional cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving – nobody every ate it.
After discovering this recipe for Cranberry Salad – it is my absolute favorite traditional recipe to make during the holidays. I can make this a day ahead, too.
Cranberry Salad
1 lb. Fresh Cranberries (crush in blender)
2 Cups of Sugar
Blend the Crushed Berries and Sugar together.
Cover and store in the refrigerator over night.
Two to Four hours before serving stir in:
1/2 lb. White Marshmallows
1 Cup of whipped – Whipping Cream (I add a little powdered sugar to my whipping cream)
1 Cup of Nuts (I like slivered almonds)
Refrigerate until serving.
Mine is going to a teacher luncheon so I put it in a disposable container.
Delicious, colorful and it’s one of those left overs that tastes yummy all weekend!
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This sounds delish Holly!! 🙂

Oh this sounds soooooooo good. I will definitely make this one this year. Hugs, Marty

Looking forward to making that yummy salad for Thanksgiving. It is the best. Thanks for the post.

I bet this is really good, Holly. I have to confess that we usually just get the cranberry celebration salad from Kroger. xo Laura

Hmmm. That looks and sounds wonderful. I'll have to give it a try.

That does look yummy!

Holly,This looks delicious. I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing. Now I am hungry!!!Kris

Sounds yummy. . . thank for sharin

That looks delicious. I like the addition of the almonds.

I actually really like cranberry sauce, maybe I'm weird haha. But this looks amazing! I am bookmarking this for this year!

I'm going to so use this and share with my friends (could you please post on Facebook?) Thank you for sharing 🙂

I'm the cranberry lover in my house, but this is definitely a kid-pleaser! Adding it to my recipe board!

Okay- I will try this! It looks great- No one in our family eats cranberries except ME! xo Diana