Adding Charm with a Light Fixture

If you have never switched out a light fixture…you have to try it! It is easy and it’s one thing that makes a huge a difference in any room. Just read the instructions and remember to 1) shut off the breaker and 2) white to white & black to black. Let me show you this new feature in my kitchen from

My kitchen is one place in our home that I like to add fun accents to. We spend so much time in here since we have an open floor plan. I want to add character here, even though this house is a rented space. It’s MY rented space. 🙂 
So it is worth a little work to me to make it a little “cooler” than when I got here.
I choose projects by my skill level and by how much 
work and time I am willing to give.
This fixture from was worth every minute of my time it took to put in.
The impact on my space is huge.
A much better choice than the “boob” light.
Visit to view their many cool lighting accents and be brave about changing your own fixtures out. And say ‘no’ to boob lights in highly visual spaces.
Looks super cute inside -right?