Adding Charm with a Light Fixture

If you have never switched out a light fixture…you have to try it! It is easy and it’s one thing that makes a huge a difference in any room. Just read the instructions and remember to 1) shut off the breaker and 2) white to white & black to black. Let me show you this new feature in my kitchen from

My kitchen is one place in our home that I like to add fun accents to. We spend so much time in here since we have an open floor plan. I want to add character here, even though this house is a rented space. It’s MY rented space. 🙂 
So it is worth a little work to me to make it a little “cooler” than when I got here.
I choose projects by my skill level and by how much 
work and time I am willing to give.
This fixture from was worth every minute of my time it took to put in.
The impact on my space is huge.
A much better choice than the “boob” light.
Visit to view their many cool lighting accents and be brave about changing your own fixtures out. And say ‘no’ to boob lights in highly visual spaces.
Looks super cute inside -right?

22 Replies to “Adding Charm with a Light Fixture”

  1. We rent too! And we add tons of our own touches…but our landlord gave us the green light! Its time or even a lil money well spent if it makes it feel more like us! Love the new light!

  2. That's a great looking light fixture! I like a hanging light fixture in the kitchen like that. I always have my husband deal with anything electrical though. I'm a scaredy cat!

  3. I thought my daughters and I were the only ones that referred to those as \”boob lights!\” Love your new kitchen light. I'm going right now to check out the lighting link you included. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE Lamps Plus! Rebuilding after a fire, I don't have a single light fixture in 10 rooms + outside that isn't from them. I still have several in boxes, awaiting the day I can afford an electrician. I'm feeling frisky, though, with all this Blog encouragement and might just try my own bad self. I LOVE that light!

  5. You cracked me up with the \”boob\” light comment. That's what I call them. I love this light fixture. Vintage meets nautical. Pops with the black and white in your kitchen.

  6. So glad I happened upon your blog…really appreciate your work and your posts!!! Would love to know the name of the light fixture…went to the website but couldn't find that exact light! (think it would look great in my house)

  7. your landlord is going to be so unhappy when you leave. that home never looked so great. you picked a great lamp, holly!

  8. We could so do something like this. I have the perfect lights to be made into some sconces that could replace my very dated stairway ones. I'll blame you when I add this to Brawns to do list.

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