Scrap Wood Topper and Map Art

I think there is a place for simple, modern art in any style of home. These two pieces from Map My State are customized to my choice of state, color and town highlight. I have a discount offer for you but let me show you what I made to go with this duo.

To make my 8×10 photos have a bigger appearance in the room I used a piece of scrap molding that was painted black, distressed then hung from D rings and twine above the simple frames.
It only took me about five minutes to put this little rustic accent together.

I just clipped some natural greens from our yard and placed them in a lab ‘erlenmeyer flask’ to brighten up our colorless bedroom (I got the correct name for the “vase” from the science guy in our family – it’s not a vase or a beaker :/ …..k!?).
My husband and I have lived in several different states but Utah and Delaware have special meaning to us. We grew up in Utah and our sweet twin babies were born in DE. I need to order a couple more states to complete my collection.
Lucky for us, Map My State is offering a discount to me and you.
Use this code at check out – downtoearth for an exclusive 20% coupon.
The frames were purchased separately.
You can also order coffee mugs – they are super cute, too.
I think this idea is great, especially for people like me who have moved around a little bit. Each place we live brings special memories. I am still trying to fall in love with VA. It takes a little while to settle in to new places (I still get homesick).
But….like I tell my kids, home is where we are all together. 🙂

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  1. Such a creative thought! I love the map prints. I have lived several places as well so this would be perfect!

  2. Love this idea and simple to put together. I think I have copied everything you do! And I agree, home is family. Hugs, Diane

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