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Show Off and Inspire?
I don’t know if my house can live up to that much but here is what I have to share at this cute blog: A Stroll thru Life –
where Marty is always inspiring.
Down to Earth Style
I am Holly, I share my home decorating and DIY projects at
Down to Earth Style.
My family and I moved to Virginia just over a year ago so we have spent a year here trying to make this house HOME to us.

The front porch is a fun place to drink coffee in the morning and I love to change it up for holidays.
So come on in!
Here is the entrance to our home and where we use this foyer table I made with an old window and deck pillars. It is really skinny and has hooks for keys,
The chalkboard is functional for kids backpack storage and my notes to help keep me organized.
Our foyer leads into the kitchen and breakfast nook.
Our breakfast nook is painted white. It’s the center of gathering for our family. An old, sturdy workshop table that was handed down to me.
I would love a white kitchen like our last house but for now – I have white and black accents in a cherry color kitchen.
I have been giving it some more white accents recently.
I framed in the fridge with white painted wood.
I also took stock cabinets out in exchange for white open shelving next to the sink. For the cabinet above the microwave, I used contact paper to cover the wood frame and built a box for the top to make the kitchen look two toned with staggered (looking) cabinets. You can go HERE for more details.
Beyond the kitchen is a “would be” formal dining room but since we have school aged children at home – I made this area into a Homework Room and Craft Space.
It works for eating, drawing, games and projects, too.
This is our family room and it is open to the kitchen, also. It is a cozy place to lounge around in.
A basket of blankets, tag sale furniture that has been painted and a huge slip covered sofa make it easy to live in here. Everything can be washed and used.
Let’s go up our painted staircase and hall.
My husband and I replaced the worn carpet here with vinyl wood.
Luke’s room has task lights from the garage as reading lights and…..
 an industrial night stand that was so easy to make.
Here is where Ben sleeps…
He ended up with the old wood and chicken wire art on his wall. My kids don’t have fancy spaces but their bedding is super comfy!
My bedroom, on the other hand, has a little more style.
(my – meaning the husband and I)
Industrial ~Shab is the latest, but you can see other versions of my bedroom HERE.
We have pictures of the kids all over the place.  We waited a long time for them and know our time will pass too quickly together, so I really try to cherish every day.
This is a room that we call the music room. I don’t have musical talent but my boys do, thankfully.
Thank you for taking our home tour and you are welcome to stop by here anytime to see what is happening in our real life – or at least in my own creative part of life.
If you would like to see our previous home you can click here.
Marty, this is one of my favorite places to visit. Meeting new bloggers and peaking into their homes is so fun.
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