Faux Drawer Fronts

Do you remember this Pallet Porch Console?

I left a little shelf opening for magazines and garden tools on the front at first but decided to close them in….with faux drawer fronts made out of this.
The chalkboard in the kitchen came down last week (here). I just cut the old wood down to fit the console and painted them black.
I wasn’t using the storage shelves much anyway – but spiders were. I like that the table looks chunky and sturdy and the big iron handles were a perfect match…..
(except they don’t match).
Adding fun hardware gives any piece of furniture some personality.
It looks a little like fall in my front yard today.
Leaves on only one tree are falling like crazy.
Even though the leaves are falling and the mums are peeking out – I am not ready for pumpkins. But if you are – you can see THIS SIMPLE idea to decorate a faux pumpkin – if you are in to faux.
This is a juniper bush. I used it in my Industrial- Shab Master Bedroom. It has been in my bedroom all summer long (getting neglected). It’s a little dry now but I read somewhere that they are a good outdoor plant that can survive inside too.
If you missed the making of the free pallet porch console GO HERE!
PS: It’s been a nightmare of a week with viruses on my computer. Watch out for White Smoke and Otshot viruses…..mean! (hence, the strange colors in a few of these pictures – long story) But Malwarebytes helped me out…thank goodness.
Finally it is going to storm here in VA and get that hot, humid air out of here – better hair days to come…Cheers to that!
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Love your chunky porch console!


I think I like it better with the drawers. And I love mismatched pulls. There's more personality.


I like it with drawers. I need some faux drawers too, preferable since they are faux, in six 6 please.


Faux is the French word for false. Hence the spelling :)Love the drawers. I think the mismatched pulls are perfect. xo Laura


Oh Holly, I love your porch console and adding the faux drawers looks GREAT! Isn't there anything that you can't do…you are amazing!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail


I really like what you did with that cabinet. It is very pretty and love the handles. I would have been a bit unhappy by the spiders, not a huge fan at all!! Love your touches of fall. Stop by Cloches and Lavender exciting things are going to take place, FINALLY!!!Cynthia

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama

well it looked great before but the faux handles look GREAT on it.. (it was years before I even realized what that word \”faux\” was… LOL)

Leena Milligan Lanteigne

I really love the big chunky hardware you added to the faux drawers and the fact that they don't match gives them that quirky charm that I love! I have a tree that is starting to lose its leaves too in 90+ degree weather! Virginia has odd weather at times, don't we? We did get that rain yesterday evening which cut back the humidity today, so now we have nice sunshine and a breeze – excellent! Hope it's nice in your part of the state too! Hugs, Leena

Cookie Dough

That's really lovely…

Michele Alger

Is the word \”faux\” french? I often wondered that myself. The french don't obey the rules when it comes to spelling. ;)Love the chunky handles! You always have the greatest idea. Glad to hear someone else isn't ready for pumpkins either. CHEERS to YOU! 🙂

Christine Vandormolen

oh Holly Holly, why do you torture me so? I want to come visit and take a course from you…..

Denise Duffy

Love the look! The chunky handles look great. Hopefully all of the spiders left town!