Open Kitchen Shelves

Recently we took down a kitchen wall cabinet for openness.

I had a chalkboard there, which you can see HERE .
I took down the frame and painted over the chalk paint with white.
The shelves are anchored to the wall on (2) 1×4’s that are screwed into wall studs. I used a mix of  iron shelving brackets that I had around here.
The shelves are just 1×8 pine slats.
The top has some scrap wood applied in between the 1×4’s.
Topped with a little iron scroll to make it more fancy. All white walls and now white shelves brightens up our cherry cabinet kitchen.

22 Replies to “Open Kitchen Shelves”

  1. I like the open shelving and had it in a couple of our houses. I think it makes your kitchen look bigger and brighter. Fun change! xo Diana

  2. Hi Holly,Now you have me looking around my kitchen again to see what other cabinet I can take down to add some open shelves! Your white walls really brighten up the area.Mary Alice

  3. Love the open shelving! I don't find mine get that dusty and since we use everything on them, I just wipe them down when they are empty. Piece of cake!~~Angela

  4. I have always liked open storage, love the look. Too bad I don't have any stuff in my cabinets that people want to see.

  5. There you go again making things look better and better! You are so smart to do that. I love how that looks and love how you styled the shelves.

  6. Love the bright, open and airy look to this…not to mention the hardware you used! I'm kinda nuts about metal's!!! You have no fear of trying new things and doing it yourself…love that! We've been in our house just over a year now and I still can't decide if I should paint the cabinets, take one down or just the doors for a more open look… I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO?????!!!***** Love visiting you and getting new ideas!Hugs,Pendra

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