Foyer Storage for Shoes, Bags and Keys

When I want my family to put their own things away – it’s got to be pretty convenient for them or they won’t do it. How hard can it be to throw shoes in a wooden box?
It worked for a while but my kids’ shoe sizes change so often that our shoes piled up and I never cleaned it out – they were overflowing.

After a little organizing of the shoes – I placed the ones that actually fit on the lower shelf of this bench. The big boots are Ben’s – he loves to explore in marshy places.

I took away the long iron set of hooks and replaced them with my old door chalkboard (hung from large D rings onto Monkey hooks). Each boy has one hook for his backpack. The chalk sits in that old match holder. I was finding that more storage wasn’t necessarily better. All those hooks invited everything to land on them – creating a cluttered mess. The big wooden shoe box just held more shoes that we didn’t use plus other junk.

The foyer table had to move to the other wall. Since it was custom made to fit the long wall – I had to cut just the top down about 1 inch each side. I used a circular saw for that task. I don’t like to use circular saws but they are necessary for jobs like this.

The table got a paint color change, also. Artichoke by Valspar from Lowe’s. It matches my stairs. You can see a lamp cord there – shoot! I tried to hide those.

I turn on the foyer lamps at dusk. To make it easy to turn them on together – I used an extension cord with an on-off button. It doesn’t show behind the metal wall art that I use to hide the plugs and cords.

That narrow table works well there.

I like our foyer shape a lot but it is really hard to give you a full picture.

Here is the floor plan – if that helps.

I like these old french doors placed on either side of the main front door. This one has a hook for my keys. The preserved boxwoods that I made earlier this year are pretty here, too.

The pictures on the wall have been hung some place in my home for years. The boys are 5 years old in them. So little and sweet. (well – not always sweet) The foyer feels lighter and a little simpler.

My shadow, Ms. Mazi, stood next to me every minute of this project (besides the sawing part). I think she misses the boys while they are at school. I went out to lunch three times this week….wow! Back to school is great! Maybe next week I will try to go to the gym three times instead of out to lunch.

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What are the best (paint/protective) products to use to refurbish an old door for decorative/useful purposes?

Nancy Davis

Hey there Holly! Love your creative ideas specially the writing board and how you change the shoe box into a chair where you can put the shoes below. Happy holiday!Just like to share in why go for the quality rather than cheap windows… High Quality WindowsThanks,NancyWindow Planet Triple-pane Glass – Superior Quality Windows and Doors

Nancy Davis

Hey there Holly! Love your creative ideas specially the writing board and how you change the shoe box into a chair where you can put the shoes below. Happy holiday!Just like to share in why go for the quality rather than cheap windows… High Quality WindowsThanks,NancyWindow Planet Triple-pane Glass – Superior Quality Windows and Doors

Michele Alger

I loved all the changes you make and how you use the things you've used previously instead of buying new all the time. I can't wait to get to the point where I can just decorate and redecorate. I'm up to my neck in projects right now! The foyer looks beautiful!

Katie Mansfield

I love that Mazi is your shadow. Dixie is mine. It's hard to get her to move to take photos. I am so glad you are enjoying back to school. I love, love your foyer and the table looks wonderful in the the new color.


Hi Holly. I just discovered your blog via Pinterest! I love your decorating style. We must be soul sisters…my husband and I will celebrate 20 years next month and we also have 2 boys…Ben and Luke (but not twinkles!)..and one sweet Mary Catherine thrown in the mix. Hugs.


love the chalkboard door, holly! the entry looks great with the chippy doors, too!

must love junk

Oh, I love your foyer! It looks so fresh and pretty :)Susan

Angela Ryder

Very pretty, Holly! Love the idea of the foot light switch for the lamps!! I, like you, have a fetish about chords showing! I'm constantly looking for ways to disguise them!! LOL!! A wonderful space!~~Angela

cynthia lee designs

Everything looks great…very pretty too!! Love the old door with the chalkboard on it. I keep looking around my house and wondering where I could put an old door.~Cindy

albina N muro

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Dilhan N

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Blondie's Journal

Amazing ideas…I always learn something new here!XO,Jane


Love all the organizing ideas. The foyer looks lovely.

Becky {This Is Happiness}

Very pretty! Love the door chalkboard!

chateau chic

So many great ideas again, Holly! LOVE the glass paned doors on either side of your front door. And the chalkboard door is fabulous too!Mary Alice


Your blog truly inspires me… I love your place. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us all!

Susan DeBow

I like the idea of the very narrow foyer table. Useful and pretty for the eye! Genius!


Holly this is Great! Lovin your BFF there in the pic:) I only wish my brood would get organized like this!lol looks wonderful.

Susan Homeroad

Your home looks beautiful Holly. I love the chippy french door! I have a large basket in my front hall too and it is filled to overflowing with the girls' shoes… Nobody ever puts them away, they just keep getting a new pair from upstairs LOL…. Maybe less will be better!


Your hall looks great. The bench is a good idea and looks so organized.Much easier to put shoes on and take off.Have a great weekend.Mary

Shabby chic Sandy

Your house is so beautiful–I love it! Mazi looks so cute–she is getting big…or maybe it is just the picture making her look big. Looks like she is getting a nice coat!


Everything looks so great. I love your old French doors! And your boxwood topiaries! So talented. Lunch with friends is the best.


Ummm…just so you know ahead of time- lunch is MUCH more fun than the gym!Your hall/foyer looks great with all the rearranging you did. It looks absolutely wonderful. Love that wall with the pictures and hooks and shoes lined up in a row…and that hall table is fabulous! xo Diana

Denise Duffy

Your entry looks wonderful! I really love what you did on either side of your door. Sometimes those organization ideas just don't work out. I just cleaned out a wood box much like that. Found all kinds of scary stuff in the bottom.


Your foyer is so pretty!! I love the changes you've made for better function too. I'm always so impressed with your carpentry skills. Everything you say you do yourself, I've never even tried (if it involves using an electric saw). Love the old chippy looking doors leaning on the wall beside your front door. They add so much charm.