Painted Stairs

The carpet in our house is really unbearable – especially the stairs.
So over this rainy week (while Marc was away on business) – I took that yucky, crap carpet on the stairs out !!!!
A woven berber that was so stained, dirty and flat. We agreed with the landlord that we could find a new runner for that worn, high traffic area of the house.
I wasn’t sure exactly what I would find under there but anything was better than dirty old carpet. Unfortunately, the pine was moldy and had paint over-spray, dirt and debris from construction under there. I swept it….
bleached washed and sanded all of the wood then once it was all dry – I used Bin primer to paint the whole thing.
Then I coated the stairs with a Lowe’s color called Artichoke. I will have more time to shop for carpet runners when school starts but until then – this feels much cleaner – even though it is just a pine and plywood staircase.
I washed down the walls and repainted the white baseboards. I darkened the orange tint oak hand rails a little to match the wood floors.
I am so much happier.
Marc and the kids even like it better.
Anything is better than gross carpet!
Crisp and clean stairs – at last!


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