Fresh Breakfast Nook

I needed a fresh change in our breakfast nook. We get afternoon sun here so our mornings can be pretty dark. I painted the walls all white.

Here is a look at the BEFORE
Last fall we had burlap curtains and blue walls (wall color already here when we moved in). I put the burlap lampshadesthat I had made earlier, on the silver light fixture. The curtains are no sew – no iron and they gave a fall texture and feel to the space. But now the changes include…
White walls, the antique mirror that I used to have in our Master Bedroom, and the light fixture is bulked up with natural vines. I brought in one of our porch ferns that had been sitting on the ground for the last month where the sprinklers could feed her while we were away. A hook was already in the ceiling and I have been wanting to use it.
I made a wisteria vine wreath a while ago that I layered the rim of the light with. I used simple booklet rings from the office supply store to keep it secure –
To hide the thread for glass around the bulbs I used .49 cent vine wreaths –
3 per bulb.
By adding some twinkle lights to the fern – it made the need for overhead lighting minimal. Light a couple of candles and we should be good for
a ‘romantic’ dinner for four.
By using white corded twinkle lights the white walls hide the cord easy. I used white sticky vinyl (I use for my Cricut) to keep the cord snug behind the trim – like taping it in place.
If you ever come over to my house – this is the first thing you will see –
so it can’t be ugly.
I try to keep this space clean for unexpected visitors but usually – it’s very used.  The table is one of the best gathering places in our whole house. The greatest conversations happen here. Plus, we can do arts, crafts and painting on that table – I don’t worry about scratching it. The distressed and ‘lived in’ look is what makes everybody feel welcome. So come on over!
I’ll try to do my dishes before you come…
But you’ll have to excuse Mazi…it’s been really rainy here in Virginia.
She usually looks like a cute little Ewok.
But that’s just the dog….
Just come sit in our breakfast nook and hang for a while —
It really is a happy place. 
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37 Replies to “Fresh Breakfast Nook”

  1. That turned out GREAT. You would never think it was a \”dark\” room to begin with. It is certainly light and airy looking now. Love the fern in the corner with the twinkle lights! What a fresh looking room! xo Diana

  2. That looks fantastic Holly :-)I love all your ideas – yes I would love to come hang out at your home but the miles could be a bit of a problem (I live in New Zealand!!!).The 1st thing you see when you walk into our home is the dining area also so I know exactly what you mean … but ours is also the most used area & often the table is cluttered up with things. Thanks for sharing x0x

  3. It certainly isn't ugly, it's so bright and cheery now! Would love to sit there and have coffee with you! Mazi is too adorable, I'd take her in a heartbeat!

  4. I really like the new look. . . I have a confession, when I first found your blog I used the same paint colors in my own house. . . all the same ones you used. . . you INSPIRED me. . . lol. But recently I went more for the clean look. We live in a small old house and the dark colors seemed to make it look unkept, dingy. So I have re-painted every room over the past few months. I chose whites and creamy off whites. I really like the look and feel of white. .. I never thought I would be saying that. . . .Wow I got a bit carried away. . .I love your new look and as always your style. .

  5. I would love to hang out for awhile in your kitchen area, Holly!! It looks so fresh and bright…definitely a happy place.Mary Alice

  6. love the lights in the plant, and the bitty wreaths on the chandy, holly!but, your best decoration is definitely mazi!

  7. Great makeover. I think the white paint sure did the tick, it really brightened up the space and the chandy is darling now:)

  8. Good morning Holly…love the makeover. As always you are an inspiration and I love your posts..have used many of your ideas in my home…thank you! Lori

  9. You're in VA?! I'm over between DC and Annapolis. [waving!] I've been stalking your blog for a while now. Time for me to step up:I love the quiet of your kitchen. Your entire home, actually. I am rebuilding by myself, so looking at lovely, thoughtful spaces relaxes my tired soul. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I thought it looked great before, but I also like this look too. Love the white walls and the pretty fern hanging in the corner. Looks pretty lit up at night too.

  11. Love the changes. Mazi is so adorable. The poor thing looks like our little guys when it is pouring ran outside. I feel so bade for the when that happens. My boy hates the rain. My girl just goes out to do what she has too and is done with it but my boy fights me. Cynthia

  12. That looks very inviting. I would feel so welcomed walking into that room. Now…the fern with the lights? LOVE IT. QUESTION: HOW DO YOU WATER IT? (don't cheat and say very carefully.) Really. Super cute idea. Pat

  13. Looks wonderful, Holly! And hasn't the rain been crazy? It's been nice, mostly, but I've missed the sunny days by the pool!

  14. Oh Holly, this is awesome! I love how taking the curtains down opened up the space so much (but I loved the curtains too!) yet it's not cold looking at all! I absolutely love twinkle lights and placing them in the fern is magical!~~Angela

  15. Wow, you did a great job. Love everything, especially your table. Like you, my dining room is dark and only gets the afternoon sun. Planning to paint it a light grey blue, but maybe I should consider white with a blue undertone instead.

  16. Tell Mazi…me and Hannah will be right over! I would love to hang out in your beautifully creative home with you!!!

  17. I just found you via FB! And I came here looking for where you got that darling Yorkie statue, LOL! OK…she's a MORKIE…but close enough and I wanted one :). I've got 2 Yorkie boys though, and I think you're pretty attached to adorable Mazie! I LOVE what you did with everything, but what really caught my eye was that antique mirror…I had one that was if not the same, very close to it (I could KICK myself for just \”chucking\” it when I had to clear out my apartment after I got married and we bought a house that was SO CONTEMPORARY (and BIG) that it just wouldn't have fit. Should have stored it, but ….c'est la vie I guess. Love your floor redo and may consider doing that vs hardwood in the future. All I know is I HATE carpet! Rugs yes, carpet, no! So enjoy your blog and Happy Happy anniversary! The Yorkshire Terrorists from the Napa Valley say Hello to Mazie too 🙂

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