New Canvas Art….a horse

I have mentioned before that I love horses in photographs.
(I am a little scared of them, actually)

So when I found this at Homegoods – I couldn’t pass it up.
I absolutely love it placed on the window ledge in the family room.
(I never explained that the light fixture in this room needs new glass or a drum…
a future project.)
The colors are neutral and the horse brings a western, country accent to the room.
Instead of coffee tables I am using a pedestal side table and an old trunk –
for the time being.
In a couple of days I will be heading out to see family in Utah. I can’t wait to show off my sister’s house that we decorated last summer (we didn’t make time for photos). And maybe I’ll share some other home tours while I am there.
Happy Weekend!

19 Replies to “New Canvas Art….a horse”

  1. Love that horse picture and it looks great in your room setting. What a great find that was. Have fun out West with your family- I know you will have a ball. I will look forward to some pics with your new camera. xo Diana

  2. Very nice canvas Holly.Perfect fit for your room. You know my weird fascination with horses 🙂 Have another in the works.. will be revealed in the next few months or so. Enjoy your time away with your boys. Looking forward tot he home tours. I luv snooping in other peoples homes . Happy Saturday. Hugs, Gee

  3. I love the window frame you have hung on your wall. Having it on the wall must make changing pictures on your wall much easier.Have a gerat trip \”out west\”.

  4. It looks great in your room. Hope you have a wonderful trip and can't wait to see pictures of your sister's house. xo Laura

  5. Love the horse picture! I think horses are so pretty, but I don't know that much about them. I've never owned one or ridden one before. Where I live, I'm surrounded by them, so it's kind of strange to admit that. LOL! Hope you have fun on vacation. Looking forward to seeing your sisters house.

  6. The new horse picture is perfect for your room! The color works great! It has such weight and I love how it has become the focal point!Very very well put together!

  7. I am in love with this picture. We are a horse family so I might just have to head out to Homegoods and look around! Looks great in your family room.

  8. Loving that picture and where you put it. I am afraid of horses too a bit, they are big and overwhelm me! Have a great trip to Utah and enjoy your visit!!Cynthia

  9. Okay, I have been following your blog for a long time now, I LOVE IT ! I love your style and I find my self always coming here for inspiration. Then I read your visiting family in Utah ! That must be where you get your style from 😉 kidding of course. I am a Utah girl myself. Serious though everything you touch is beautiful ! I just started making my own blog, no entries yet…. but I have my facebook page . Hopefully soon I find time to get my blog up and going. I would love any input you could give .

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