Remove a Kitchen Cabinet for Openness

Our kitchen is dark. The sun doesn’t peek in until the afternoon.
I wanted a brighter look in there – plus, a little “cool factor”.

Before above.
I took the two cabinets down. I know that sounds like a brave thing to do in a rental house, but I used to do a little kitchen design before the kids were born and watched many new kitchens be installed.
The cabinetry is just screwed into the wall studs in three or four places each. I could see the screws inside behind the shelving. I left the holes in the wall so I can line the cabinets up again to re-install them when we move. This was easy since there was no crown molding on the top of the cabinetry.
I painted the walls a fresh color.
Artichoke – Valspar by Lowe’s. It’s a rich grey with a hint of green under tone. I used chalk paint where the cabinets were and used some old ‘garbage’ plywood for a frame.
Look how old and rough the wood is. I just used my nail gun to frame out the black area with this sheet of wood that I found in a dumping area. I just cut the plywood sheet into 4 equal slats with my table saw.
Then added a simple shelf underneath for a few dishes. You wouldn’t believe how much bigger the kitchen seems. It feels like I have so much more usable counter space, too.
See the antique mirror in the photo above? I will show you the breakfast nook soon.
Hope you are enjoying your summer!
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What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful! Modular Kitchen CabinetsKitchen Cabinet Remodeling

Love the color and it does make the kitchen and counter look much more open! I love anything chalkboard and adore the \”junk\” framing around it! I think I spy a couple of things from your old headboard… look forward to seeing more!Hugs,Pendra

This looks so wonderful & you are brave to do it in a rental! Love the open feel, the chalkboard and the shelf.Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Wow I LOVE it!!! You need to come and redo my island!!!

Holly, I think I said this before but I think you are so brave! You never seem to be afraid to just right in and change things around. I could use a little bit of your spirit! Love the changes you made to your kitchen. I think the owners will want to keep it this way! Have a great 4th.xoxo Michelle

WOW! That makes a huge difference. Looks great! I love the rustic chalkboard. Awesome 🙂

Your a BOLD one! It looks amazing, Holly!

Once again you turn old wood into gold.Bliss

Oh WOW! What a GREAT new LooK!! Something so simple give a wonderful change! LOVE it, LOVE the rustic frame! You are a BRAVE soul! (but the right decision!) Blessings~~~Roxie

so clever! love it. Hugs!

Shut the front door!! This is awesome on sooooo many levels!! First, I love the fact you took it down in a rental and second…'s fabulous!! Love, love!!~~Ang

Oh my Holly! I love what you have done here….you are so talented and creative!!

Holly I love this, the frame is nice a rustic and chippy. Great move!Cynthia

I adore this idea…how open! This would be perfect to link up to my Create It Thursday post…it's live now!

Awesome and I love the way you hung the shelf. Great idea :)Debbie

That looks awesome Holly, I love the idea and would love to do that. My husband would have a cow LOL! Between wanting to do that and paint the island, yeah, not a good day it would be.

I love the junky wood Holly, your kitchen looks gorgeous!Susan

first, the kitchen is awesome! and i love how you used junky wood to put this chalkboard together:)

I love how you think outside the box, even when the box is rented. You have such great ideas!

I love your idea Holly, it looks amazing. If I had enough cupboards I'd do it myself. It's perfect.

that is most definitely a WOW factor….it looks great. Lucky for you the kitchen is big enough to were you can afford to go without 2 cabinets. what a great idea, why am I not surprised?

That is amazing. I never would have believed that removing one cabinet would make it feel so open. I love the chalkboard. It is darling.

Holly I love this! It looks so bright and open and totally amazing. Do you think you might go white with the other cabinets? x Julie

I agree Holly, I love what you did here and it does take a lot of bravery in doing things in a rental home. I love the fact that you can do things in a rental to make them more of your own, without a demolishing process. I am in a rental also…if we can manage four more years here at least…until my youngest is out of HS !

Whoa…you are a brave renter! I am barely able to make myself put a nail in the wall! It looks much better w/o the cabinets and I LOVE the rustic chalkboard!!

Love it Holly and yes my first thought was OMG you took the cabinets down in a rental!;)

Love the new look! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, what a difference that may! Love the new look!

That looks great what a big difference.

That looks great what a big difference.

Per usual you amaze me!! I love it and the way it opens up the kitchen. It's amazing..

It looks like a totally different kitchen. The home owner may want it to stay this way. Love that color and the plywood frame.

I love how that looks! Good thing you're handy with tools and know how cabinet construction works. I wouldn't have known how to remove the cabinet like that. I like the look of it removed and the chalkboard in it's place with the shelf below it. Adds instant charm!

My hero!!! Using words like table saw and nail gun the way I use paint and brushes… Whew!!! Holly it looks wonderful. I am luving the rough wood strip frame. Tapping.. tapping.. ready for the breakfast area reveal. I am hooked. 🙂 Hugs, Gee

This is such a great way to open up a kitchen. I have a single cabinet next to my kitchen window that I'd love to take down. Hmmm!!Mary Alice

The change is fabulous! I love the rustic chalkboard. It looks so perfect there.

Wow, I never would have thought of anything like this. You ARE brave. Looks great though! Gives your kitchen some character.

This looks amazing! I need you to come work your magic on my kitchen 😉

LOVE this look, the boards are super fun and rustic! you ARE very brave!!