Super Sweet Sandy – Thank you!

I have a little Morkie dog named Mazi. (pronounced May-zee but my phone text auto corrects her name to Nazi – the boys at my house have a good old time with that one – poop nazi – etc.)
She is kind of cute but I struggle to keep her wild hair out of her eyes.
I saw this post Doggie Hair Bows and Haircuts and knew I wanted something like these. My friend, Sandy, came to the rescue!

Look at these sweet handmade hair accessories she sent to me.
(and the cute card is a picture of what I would like my dogs hair to look like)
This one is a flower and it’s one of my favorite. These puppies stay in, too.
Without being too tight. She sits still while I am saying – “Oh, let’s do your pretty hair may-me-moo-moo” (do you have a special voice just for your pet? – My boys lecture me before their friends come over – “Mom….DO NOT talk to Mazi when ‘so and so’ comes over – it’s so embarrassing!!!)
Sandy has a blog too –
For the love of white
Maybe you could take a peek over there and let Sandy know that my Mazi girl looks like a super star!
Thank you very much Shabby Chic Sandy xoxoxo!
Bloggers are the sweetest!