Teacher Gift Planter

The last day of school was today.
One of my boys’ fourth grade class signed this planter for their teacher a few weeks ago for an end of year gift.
The kids used oil-based paint sharpie pens to sign it.
The class and room mom’s presented it to the teacher a couple of days ago along with a chocolate bar bouquet and some gift cards. Mrs. Ayer was very happy.
My pallet console table came in handy to use for planting the pretty fern in the pot.
Now….for a nice, relaxing summer!!!
(my kids are growing up way too fast)
View the original post for the making of this plant box HERE.
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Wonderful idea!!

I love it!! Such a creative and meaningful gift. I bet the teacher loved it. That will be a great keepsake too. Glad to hear that school is out for your area so y'all can now enjoy the summer. You're right. Kids are growing up way too fast!

I really like this planter idea. Is it wrong that I would rather make it for myself that for a teacher (I don't have kids 🙂 )

This is so great! I was a school secretary for 17 years and I saw a lot of teacher gifts that were not usable items! I love that this can be kept and is functional. Great job! Pinned it for you too.

I love the planter–and how sweet it is all signed and everything. My Dad was a school teacher and he would have kept this forever! What a wonderful idea for a teacher gift!