Creative Soap Dispensers

 I remember reading in a Martha Stewart Magazine, years ago, to put your dish soap in an olive oil dispenser. That was the first of ‘Creative Soap Dispenser’ ideas I had heard of.
Since then, so many cute ideas have popped up on blogs and websites.
(I am convinced that our blogger friends have become trend setters in home decor)

I love this mason jar dispenser.
Look how cute! OK….I cheated and bought mine.
But Kathryn at Destination Craft made hers with dollar store soap bottles and Ball jars. (click HERE to see how)
Last Fall I showed THIS POST with a Wine Bottle for Dish Soap.
Bliss Ranch made this ‘uber-cool’ dispenser with a Starbucks latte bottle – see her post HERE
What a super cute idea I found on Pinterest – the blogger has been removed – shoot! 
Fun ideas out there – makes me wonder what in the world we are going to come up with next.
Thank you to the bloggers who share all their creative ideas – amazing!

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12 Replies to “Creative Soap Dispensers”

  1. I love the ball canning jars! I recycled the pump dispenser from some empty store bought hand soap, poked a hole in the top of a mason jar lid and *poof!* I had my super cool soap dispenser.

  2. I think it's time for me to get on the soap dispenser bandwagon!! Very cute ideas!! I especially like your wine bottle idea!!~~Angela

  3. I used a latte bottle for my dish soap dispenser. It was so easy and I like how the light shines on the pretty colored soap.Bliss

  4. I have a mason jar soap dispenser by my kitchen sink too. I cheated as well and bought mine. I love seeing what people come up with as well to hold their soap. So many great ideas. You found yours at a much better price than mine, btw!

  5. Those are some great examples, Holly. I did the Martha Stewart bottle idea back then too and it is still in use but in our basement kitchen now. I replaced it in our main kitchen with a canning jar with a leftover pump. Last weekend I found a vintage canning jar with a solid lid, with the milk glass under the lid, but I'm nervous about drilling into it.

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