Welcome Candle Light

A trio of simple mason jars with a little tea light in each hang from the covered porch.

Frame wire looped around each handle ties them to nails on the house trim.
A ‘summery’ way to welcome our guests.
The little tea lights are great because they just go out on their own – I don’t have to remember to blow them out at the end of the evening.
A little sand at the bottom would be cute, too. But we no longer live close to the beach to grab some – and the kids have grown out of playing in a sand box. Those were fun days. Now, it’s hangin’ out with dudes eating pizza and smores by a camp fire.
Summer Fun!

see these same mason jars hanging in my office HERE

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17 Replies to “Welcome Candle Light”

  1. Love how you strung them Holly….so charming. We did this for our son's wedding celebration here at home. Only I fashioned the hangers from a bale of rusty old wire I found in the shed. Hung them from the tree branches. So pretty at night. Have a super sweeet weekend. xo

  2. Holly,These are adorable and you are right they are so welcoming. I always love seeing pictures of your entry into your home. So pretty.Kris

  3. That is such a cute idea. I love how that looks for summer! It sort of reminds me of the jars with lightening bugs in them. I think it has a farmhouse look to them too.

  4. Absolute adorable perfection… just like you! I love that you don't have to remember to blow them out. I think this is perfect for summer and the fourth of July. I'd put in unpopped popcorn to weight them down, if you needed too! xoxo jules

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