Coleus and Petunia

Two of my favorite annuals are Coleus and Petunias.

I think these petunias are the ‘fountain’ variety so they ‘drape’ over the pot.

The bright foliage of Coleus keeps color in the pots all through the summer.
I use it with any flower arrangement. Here are my perennial Shasta Daisies and some flowers my boys gave me for Mother’s Day.
These small urns are only $14.99 at Home Depot.
The black violas are still adjusting to their new home.
Climbing vines are my favorite, too. This is Clematis.
Last week it had tons of purple blooms.
Placing pots in empty spaces in the garden helps fill up areas that aren’t in bloom.
This is just a quick post to share some of my favorite little blooms.
(It’s a busy time of year with the boys.)
Have a fun summer!
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Hi – I just found your blog while surfing comments on other blogs. Glad I did! I have been using coleus for awhile since it is great in the shade and adds a pop of color. Deep purple \”wave\” petunias are another staple. I like to combine them with yellow marigolds and red begonias. I'll be following your blog from now on!

You have a decorators touch AND a green thumb! I loved this little tour of your garden. The school year is winding down; I hope you have some amazing things planned for the summer! xoxo jules

Petunias do grow so well and are so pretty. All of your flowers are pretty.Make sure to check out my Girl Time Tuesday post this coming up Tuesday.Blessings, Amy

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Love your flowers! Coleus is one of my favs!~~Ang

Your flowers are gorgeous. Don't you just love the way those riotous petunias just go all over or hang the way they darn well please. I think they do that because they know how beautiful they are! Like your clematis, mine was a mass of blooming purple flowers, I love how they climb and flourish. I have a question. Is the coleus a heat or sun resistant annual? Your are so lush.

Coleus are a favorite of mine. Perfect for shady areas. Your pots are all so pretty.Hugs,Laura

All your plants are looking great. I love coleus too. When I am planting my pots I normally use that as a filler too. I think it goes with everything and looks great all summer long.Cynthia

love your flowers, I always have bad luck with the clematises after the winter. I have had to throw out many over the years. Great idea to put a wreath on the iron!!!

The coleus really charges those pots! Good idea!

So pretty!! Think I need some Coleus this year! I usually wait to start planting here until after Memorial weekend…can't wait 🙂

I love all the colors in your pots. Busy, yes, I understand busy. I hope you are having a wonderful spring.

pretty! I'm trying to keep some color in the garden…problem is, the chickens want to eat it all up!Your flowers and that brightly colored Coleus are all pretty. 🙂 enjoy your week. Pat

Your annuals are beautiful and lush! Everything is so full and green this time of year. Love it!!Mary Alice

Beautiful!I miss my Clematis and other vines.All but one were lost in the winds from a hurricane a few years back and I never replanted new ones. Maybe I should!Aren't petunias happy?

Coleus are one of my absolute favorites, Holly! Especially when I want to add color near doorways without having to hear my hubby complain about bees! : ) I went with purple and chartreuse this year, planting my coleus with some potato vine. I love them with the petunias, too.

I love your new flowers. Petunia's are some of my favorites. Love the vine on the trellis too. The addition of the grapevine wreath is really cute!