Ben’s Room

My kids used to think bunk beds would be fun. I did not think it would be fun to hear them argue about who sleeps on the top bunk – etc..
Ben begged for one for so long that we ended up purchasing a loft bed for him when we moved into this house. The idea of using the floor space under the bed sounded great and no arguing with his brother since there wasn’t a lower bunk.
The bed is a double size which I thought would be good since most bunks are twin. Ben was used to sleeping on a queen bed or bigger since he was born
(long story – twins – needed sleep – etc).
Yes, he had a lot of floor space but the bed was so hard to make – Ben never really cared and I gave up. When Ben was sick – it was annoying to have to climb to the ceiling to check his temperature or just see how he was doing. He would end up in our bed a lot of the time.
I went to Lowe’s to purchase this inexpensive circular Skil saw. (I am not afraid of saws but I get nervous using a circular saw – sold my last one at a tag sale – darn, who knew I’d ever need it again) I didn’t want to take the whole bed apart just to take the four legs down to the garage to shorten them so I cut the legs right there in his room. This is an IKEA loft bed that we had to cut down 12 inches to begin with to fit our 8 foot high ceilings. I’m not going to give details on how I cut this bed down myself while it was still in one piece – balancing was key is all I will say and I have no bruises or broken bones. =)
I cut the bed down enough to be able to see Ben’s face when I say good night to him. I can even make his bed for him.
Underneath the bed he can sit and play games or read on a bean bag.
Good storage space, too.
This whole project started when Ben asked me to hang that sword on the wall.
His bedding is simple but comfortable. Down comforters – my favorite! Kids should have comfortable bedding – I think. I gave them electric blankets one year for Christmas when we lived up north.
There’s still plenty of floor space.
I gave Ben my chicken wire wall art.
A display area for his coin collection and photos.
Though this bed didn’t need a headboard, I thought a rustic piece above the pillows would look cool. I can leave him messages when he doesn’t want to listen to my voice.
These white shelves were here when we moved in – they come in handy for books and trophies.
Ben is 10 years old – no little boy theme, just stuff he loves.
Ben’s the sweetest little boy in the world and silly, too!
You can peek at Luke’s room HERE.
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I know this is a super late comment, but we too bought the loft bed. My kiddo slept in it for about a week before deciding that the wanted to sleep in the bed below because of our awful popcorn ceiling. How did you measure/cut the ladder?

Great room, love what you did with the bed 🙂 and that chicken wire wall shelf :)Debbie

You are just the coolest Mom ever!!!

Ben is one lucky boy! What a wonderful room; that's little boy perfect and matches the rest of your house too! (My girls are asking me to redo their rooms. I keep dragging my feet 'cause I know it will involve me painting. And I hate painting!) You are awesome, girl… I am constantly inspired by you! xoxo jules

Where there's a will….there's a way. 🙂 The bed looks great and he still has room underneath…perfect. And I know it's easier to make now and give kisses goodnite. 🙂 xo

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You are so much braver than I am! I would never attempt to use any sort of saw. I think the bed looks great now and of course, more accessible. The room is perfect for a boy ~ I like that his treasures are visible and available.Great job!Pat

You are one smart mama and it looks great. Oh the years I tried to make the top bunk. I don't miss that.Bliss

This looks great! Perfect height for the bed and everyone's happy! Heading now to look at Luke's room!~~Angela

What a great idea…you solved so many of your concerns and yet still have plenty of space under the bed!…Fantastic job Holly!

So far so good. Well worth the sweat of cutting that monster down. Thanks for stopping by Kelly!

LOL! I'm sure it was sight to see.

His room is really cute. I like that it represents him and not a \”theme\”. That was a great idea to shorten the bunk bed. I can only imagine how much trouble it was to change the sheets on that bed and kiss him goodnight. Now, it's a happy medium.

Great boys room. I can just picture you cutting the bed down to size. Husbands always ask, how did you do it yourself? It had to be done so you just do it and wonder how after.

Thank you Mary Alice! =)

I love the look of them – my boy is just still small enough where I want to climb in bed and talk or read a story. Claustrophobic up that close to the ceiling, though. =)

Ben loves weapons….gotta let 'em have what they love.

You were smart…loft beds stink to make – and stink to cut down. I had to buy new sheets to fit – which is fine. I liked the queen size better.

I knew I didn't want to go with bunk beds….sleeping high isn't comfy. My Ben sleeps better with his bed lower – AND I can kiss him good night!

Thank you Christine!

Some days my voice just doesn't want to be heard by anybody. Chalkboardswork great.

I love your idea of lowering the bunk bed. Great boy's room!Mary Alice

That was a good idea to cut his bed down some. I love loft beds, but sometimes it is hard to deal with the ups and downs all of the time… even for kids. 🙂

it looks awesome- perfect for a boy! and i love the sword next to the bed. 🙂

Ben's room looks great and the new bed height seems more practical too. A perfect room for a boy transitioning to teen. My guys have double beds even though their rooms aren't large and I'm glad I went that route now that they have grown so much. A friend offered us a loft bed a few years ago but the thought of changing sheets up that high had me kindly refusing.

If you click on the link it shows how I used monkey hooks and large eye hooks. It was really easy with small holes in the wall.

Great boys room. 🙂 We too did the loft bed thing, geez… what a pain to make up Hated it!!!! We also brought it down to 'size' . Made it so much easier to live with. Agreed on no thematic or little boy stuff… just stuff they luv worked into the room as decor. Lu it!!!Hugs, Gee

How did you hand the chicken wire wall art on the wall without it falling?

as always, I LOVES IT!!!! the chalkboard is awsome

His room looks great, and the part I love best is the chalkboard: \”I can leave messages even when he doesn't want to hear my voice.\” I see a chalkboard in the very near future for one of my son's rooms!!