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Looks great! Love the fragrances ~ and of course, having fresh herbs to use.xoPat

Your herbs look wonderful, Holly. I love growing herbs, both for the usefulness in cooking and for the lovely aromas!

Looks like you have the perfect place for those herbs to grow. I like how you set up the area for them. I've never grown my own herbs before. I've been tempted though. The smell alone would be nice to have.

We had about 6\” of snow a couple of days ago and about 10\” a few before that…BUT it is slowly melting and we are supposed to hit in the 70's tomorrow! Whoo hoo, we might see Spring for a day or two and then we will probably have to turn on the air conditioner cuz it will be summer! hehehe! I can't wait to plant something in the dirt until then I'll just have to live through you!Hugs,Pendra

Your weather looks like they WILL!

very nice Holly, great idea to put them out front where they are easy to get to..I've never planted herbs or anything eatable except tor tomotoes..I'm such a a slacker

Great pictures, I love planting my herbs and flowers. I look forward to it every year. It is finally feeling like spring here too!! Cynthia

Piękne i wspaniale zioła..śliczne. 🙂

You've inspired me, Holly, to get my herbs planted. I've been gathering containers, now I just have to get the herbs. Your deck looks so pretty with your pots and bench.Mary Alice

Oh how I envy your warm weather. I hoping spring will come to our neck of the woods soon I can hardly wait anymore to get into the garden.

Lucky you!! I can't wait t o start freshening up outside 🙂

I love herbs and have to grow mine in containers for them to do well. We actually got some rain yesterday, so I saved some for all my house plants and patio plants. What a difference.

That's great, I love growing herbsMarina

I have been planting today too–the weather has been amazing! I hope your plants g-r-o-w!

Can't wait to start planting here, today it snowed!

Oh, how fun! I need to get planting!