Happy Earth Day

I am so glad we actually have a designated day that we can contribute to our earth. 
Even if we don’t all go out and plant a tree, we can just give a little thought about how we can contribute to keeping our earth clean and safe. In our family, we talk about littering and how it can effect wild animals and fish.
The earth is everybody’s responsibility to keep clean.
 One day last winter, we took the kids sledding at a park nearby. When we arrived there was nobody there – but somebody had taken apart these styro-foam sheets and ripped them into pieces. (Maybe they had been used as “make-shift” sleds). Gatorade bottles, chips wrappers and all kinds of garbage strung all over our lovely park.
It made us sad to see that. So before we went sledding ourselves, we found some trash bags and picked up every bit of garbage in site. We didn’t really get to sled much after all but we sure did leave that park all clean and nice for the next sledders.
We recycle what we can and pick up garbage on the ground when we find it.
This blog is about reusing old items and giving them new purpose, too. Like in Luke’s old room, we reused my old headboard painted black and an old fence section that was headed for the garbage.
In my old bedroom we used an old window, door and random wood from the garage for the headboard. The white bench was from our very first house we bought in 1996. One dresser was a tag sale item.
We used an old door for our basement entrance.
We enjoy and respect nature.
(from our camping trip two weeks ago – cold!)

Isn’t it great that there is a trend in re-purposing furniture and old architectural finds? Keeping and finding a home for these items helps our earth, too.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Just a little change makes a big difference.
Happy Earth Day!!!!