Finding a Home

My family and I moved across several states last summer.
We are renting a home that looks like this. We like it but the houses in this community are so close together.
(walking trails, pool, playgrounds….it is really cute)
We are looking for some space in between houses, a place to ride the quads and explore in the woods, maybe get some chickens(?).
(I live with all rugged type boys – except Mazi, my morkie dog – she’s ‘prissy’)
This week I have been on-line searching out schools and towns. We have moved a few times and have found that the high school reputation says a lot about the town. So I am starting there.
I am thinking worrying about my kids.
Deciding where the best place for the boys to grow up is really hard.
Not to mention the style and age of home to buy.
We aren’t “showy” people and we want something comfortable.
The want list – great schools (not crowded), a couple of acres+, around 2500 square feet, tall ceilings, lots of windows, down to earth but CHARMING!
(or at least potential for charm)
There is no rush so I will stop being obsessed about it and take my time to get it right.
It’s very hard for a person like me, who likes to decorate – redecorate – and decorate again, to rent a home and not be able to rip out the kitchen paint and add upgrades and plant a garden.