Finding a Home

My family and I moved across several states last summer.
We are renting a home that looks like this. We like it but the houses in this community are so close together.
(walking trails, pool, playgrounds….it is really cute)
We are looking for some space in between houses, a place to ride the quads and explore in the woods, maybe get some chickens(?).
(I live with all rugged type boys – except Mazi, my morkie dog – she’s ‘prissy’)
This week I have been on-line searching out schools and towns. We have moved a few times and have found that the high school reputation says a lot about the town. So I am starting there.
I am thinking worrying about my kids.
Deciding where the best place for the boys to grow up is really hard.
Not to mention the style and age of home to buy.
We aren’t “showy” people and we want something comfortable.
The want list – great schools (not crowded), a couple of acres+, around 2500 square feet, tall ceilings, lots of windows, down to earth but CHARMING!
(or at least potential for charm)
There is no rush so I will stop being obsessed about it and take my time to get it right.
It’s very hard for a person like me, who likes to decorate – redecorate – and decorate again, to rent a home and not be able to rip out the kitchen paint and add upgrades and plant a garden.
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Junky Vagabond

Have fun house hunting! Wherever you end up, the decorating will be amazing!


Good luck as you search for the perfect home for your family. Thank you kindly for stopping by my blog.

Angela Ryder

I remember when we were house hunting…..I loved going into houses and imagining what I could do to them! I was actually a little bummed once we found ours only because I couldn't \”snoop\” anymore!! Good luck on your search!!~~Angela


Good luck on your home search, it is hard to get everything on your wish list. As for the schools, I have found it is not so much the school, but the parents that are the most important in teaching the children to become great adults. My sister's children live in the city and the school is huge and not so good school but there are some great students that come from this school because of the kids and their parents. I live more in the country with lots of room to roam with one of the county's top schools… Read more »


You'll find your perfect home, and I bee anxious to see it! The last picture really caught my eye, that's my kind of house! Good luck and have fun on your hunt!


happy house hunting, holly!

Pendra Heldt

It will be love at first sight. We sold our BIG family home after our kids grew and left, we rented for 6 years to be by the grandkids but they grew up too so we bought another home just for us… a BIG old home and we love it! It took us about 6 months to find it, we really took our time and saw LOTS of homes, Mr. P would have bought any, but I knew they weren't right so on and on we went… it was love at first sight and then I started tearing it all… Read more »


I have a feeling you'll know the right one when you see it.Bliss

a breath of fresh air

Good luck…after renting for almost a year we are now renovating our tiny cottage by the sea 🙂 Annie

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Good luck in your search! Sounds like you have the right priorities and the rest will eventually fall into place.


I know you will find the perfect home. Take your time. You'll be happy you did. Hugs, Laura


You'll be much happier in the long run to NOT rush such an important decision! Good luck on your search.

cindy the cottage chick

We are in the same spot…although we've already picked the house plans and lot (which looks a lot like the 3rd home you posted). We actually purchased the home we're currently living in (a small 1950's cape cod) and are building our new home next door where a home had burned down. Once the home is built, we will sell the cape to our married daughter. 🙂 Fortunately for us, we homeschool, so school districts are not a factor. (we still have 2 boys at home with us). It's hard not to decorate, but since my daughter will take over… Read more »


It is a tough decision especially when you have to think about what is best for the kids. Good that you are taking your time. Good luck in the search. Keep us posted.Cynthia


I'll take one of each and let you know how they work out 🙂 Good Luck in your search!

chateau chic

It's good you're able to take your time to find just the right home, Holly! I guess this is the time of year when there's more movement and houses for sale. Keep us posted on your progress.Mary Alice

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

Good luck with your house hunt! I like that last one. Chickens would be fun!


Patience is the key. I too am looking for something somewhat similar to you. I started last fall. I have decided not to rush and get stressed about it anymore. I am giving myself a year and totally relaxing about the search. Something will show up for you and it will call to you, you will now right away it's home! Good luck my friend. Diane

Marina Pérez

I can imagine that it must be hard changing all your live, much more when you have children so I hope you find the best place for you and your family. The main is to find good people and good ambiance. Don't you think so?Hugs from SpainMarina

Leslie Harris

That's what I did. First I found the school, then I looked for a house in the area. It worked out perfectly for us, and I wish you luck with the process. You've got the right attitude and I'm sure you end up exactly where you're meant to be. :)Leslie (Gwen Moss)

Gee Singh Newbanks

Hard decisions! When it comes to our kids we fret… we worry.. we stress. Such big, life changing decisions to make. Wishing you peace in your decision making…. HUGS, Gee

Shelly Hardage Wilkerson

I rent as well and it's hard for me to not want to paint and redecorate too. I feel your pain. I hope you find what you're looking for. Best of luck!