An Appreciation for Beautiful Photos

Living Room
I have such an appreciation for beautiful photography. This photo from Town and Country Living is so rich and pretty.  I enjoy visiting Jennifer just to see her wonderful pictures.  Isn’t this living room a sweet cottage style?  Everything is perfectly placed.
Then there is my photo. I show you a clean version of how we live. See the toy basket? The remotes? I should pay more attention to detail and move those out of the way.  I don’t take the time (keeps it real – I guess). Call me sloppy but…well, I am a ‘project’ girl! (and obviously NOT a perfectionist) My boy, Luke, used to tell his teachers that his mom is a “builder”.  🙂

This picture has Mazi’s dog crate in it (at least her crate is fashionably black and white to match). I realize the quality of my photos is never not always great but look what I have to work with….

When I do any projects in the garage, around the house or outside – I carry along my Cannon Powershot camera so I can share with my readers “how to” steps. My Cannon teeters on the edge of my saw, lays next to open cans of paint and most always ends up on my garage floor. I go through cameras, drills and orbital sanders annually – at least. (I drop things) I am rough on my stuff, I know – it’s embarrassing.
 For Christmas (2012) I was hoping for a Nikon D3100. Well, I got another Cannon Powershot and guess what? My Christmas (2012) gift is in the picture above (small shatter). The other one is from the year before (completely abused).  I purchased a new Cannon the other day. Sadly, I don’t deserve a Nikon D3100.
So while I would love to be a great photographer, I am going to stick with my projects and decorating. I don’t think a really nice camera is practical for the way I use them. I will visit Jennifer and many other beautiful blogs for amazing photos instead. Like…
and DaniellaWitte (I think white photographs beautifully)

I will rely on PicMonkey to help me out with straightening, cropping, brightening and making collages.
(It is so fun to play around with photos – I know I go overboard sometimes…a lot)
I’m not trying to apologize for my photos – they are what they are. I just recognize and appreciate amazing photography.
Funky Junk Interiors
(Now – Donna takes amazing photos AND she’s a ‘project’ girl/”builder”)
Maybe I can make this new camera last more than three months. And since I don’t pay $800 for my camera every year, maybe I can get some new tools with the money I save. Let’s see – brad nailer, router, another drill, hand sander, drill bits, saw blades…
ETC. – ETC. – ETC.
Thank you to all the talented bloggers and photographers that inspire me with wonderful photos.

If you want to meet my HERO photographer GO HERE.

Amy used to take our family photos – I miss her!