White Spring….

Do you remember my spring fireplace?

I found the ‘spring’ sign at Homegoods for $16.99. I love it but I didn’t notice it much here on my old window under my mantel.
So…I painted the ‘SPRING’ part white!

The white accents along with lavender greenery make my ‘white’ spring day feel a little bit more ‘springy’.
A Spring ‘Snow Day’ here in Virginia.
The kids are off school.
 I painted the twiggy sign white and lit candles. The boys watched too much Spongebob.
…..and we are all looking forward to a warmer & brighter spring day to come.
C’mon SPRING…you can do better than that! Don’t let winter bully you around.
Please don’t freeze our forsythia….
…or our daffodils.
Maybe we will have to keep our faux greenery around a little longer.
Happy Spring {Snow} Day!

Don’t you think Mazi looks cute sitting next to Resolve carpet cleaner?

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Your spring mantel is beautiful! Love your daffodils!! I live in south Alabama (near Gulf Shores) and it hasn't gotten cold enough for long enough for my daffodils to bloom:( they sprouted but did not bloom! I was very sad, they are one of my favorite each year. Enjoy your lovely mantle and your blooms:-)


White spring over here, too! It's almost gone, but it was a fun surprise!

chateau chic

Your home looks so cozy with the candles on a snowy March day. Have we had more snow in March than in the real winter this year?? Mary Alice

Mary Ann

Hmmmm we know why you have Resolve out… even though our Abby is a LOT older than Mazi… we still use it too! Love the spring decorations!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made

I'll take ten of Mazie please. The white on the sign really set it off – and it matches the snow 🙂

Katie Mansfield

Uh oh. I hope you don't need to carpet cleaner because of Mazi.


Yes, Virginia, there is a spring! We just haven't gotten any of it yet! I'm in VA too, northern area, and we had snow as well. I blogged aobut it because it was just so unusual! Beautiful picture off your deck, however. I love how adding the white paint to your SPRING sign really brought out its details. Maybe Mother Nature will see it now and take the hint! LOL! Yes, Mazi looks adorable next to the carpet cleaner. I imagine that she is the reason that you have carpet cleaner as well 🙂 She's so cute though that I'm… Read more »


Your mantle looks so pretty. I love the white inside. The outside, not so much.Hugs,Laura


Love the spring sign and smart to add some white, it looks better. Feel the pain with winter. It isn't leaving NJ either but this weekend is supposed to be 50's and sunny. I'll take it and enjoy it for once this season, maybe it will last!!Cynthia

Angela Ryder

Love your style! Now your spring \”pops\”! Lovely mantel and home!~~Angela


Hope you're enjoying Spring Break this week. Ours starts next week. I like the added white to your sign. It definitely helps it stand out now. I can't get over all that snow you have! It must feel weird to be on Spring break with snow on the ground. It's cold and cloudy here with bits of snow flurries swirling around today and yesterday. This is the strangest weather!


I'm anxiously awaiting Spring here too. We don't have that much snow, but it keeps making an appearance. Go Spongebob! lol

Julia Terpstra

1. Painting the SPRING white was a great idea!2. Spring painting your yard white is not a great idea!3. Spongebob Rocks4. Is that a new blog header? Love it!5. Mazi should do infomercials for Resolve.6. You rock more than Spongebob.xoxo jules

Christine Vandormolen

Mazi did you go wee wee on the carpet?? lol

Donna Wilkes

It did not really get cold here until MARCH! We don't have snow – just cold rain. I hope there is no correlation between the cute sign you painted white and the white snow :>)

Susan @ homeroad.net

Soooo ready for Spring here too! (and your puppy looks good next to anything 🙂 so adorable!Susan

Blondie's Journal

You have a good eye, the white makes all the difference on the sign!Mazi is adorable!XO,Jane

Gee Singh Newbanks

Now it pops!!! Very pretty Holly. Had a very spring day here in North central Florida today. Spent 21/2 hrs in the garden. Very unGee like Hahahahaaa. But tonight.. we are back in the 30's. Enough already. I want some spring w/out sneak peeks of winter. Glad we have no snow though. Hugs, Gee

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Very pretty mantel. I see what you mean about the snow. Looks like the wet kind clinging to the trees as well. The forsythia and daffodils are a lovely pop of spring though.


Cute spring sign! Ah yes it does not look much like spring around here either!xxAnne