Recycled Boxwood for a Wreath

I plucked my old cone shaped boxwood to fill my porch urns.
There was enough left over for this wreath.

Each little bunch of leaves is attached with wire to a wooden pick. It was really easy to pull each one from the foam cone and stick them into the hay wreath. I left the plastic wrap on the hay because I will need to spritz my preserved leaves once in a while to keep them fresh.
I poked an ‘S’ hook through the hay for easy hanging.
The new {old} wreath looks nice on the inside of our entry door.
A few years ago I paid $79.99 for the cone shaped topiary at TJMax – without a pot.  I knew it was a good deal because the preserved boxwood topiaries that I had my eye on at the time were really pricey.
I think I have gotten my moneys worth.

Two filled urns and now a lovely wreath.
Recycled, Reused….Resourceful and Pretty.
If you like wreaths as much as I do – see THIS POST.

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yayyyyy, more boxwood projects…Pinning

You most definitely got your money's worth! I think the wreath looks great.

Great wreath, I love anything boxwood.Cynthia

Holly it's so funny you did this post today…I'm going out this afternoon looking for a boxwood wreath! I've been working on a chalkboard and want to hand a wreath over it…wonder where I got that from??? Love that you work with what you have and re-use, re-do and re-make! You are a BIG inspiration to me!Hugs,Pendrap.s. I have a pic of Hannah in her camo coat at my place…come visit!

Well you certainly got your money's worth out of that tree! Another beautiful project Holly!Have a great weekend!Susan

You are so creative! I love your whole porch too!Sally

I love everything you've made out of your old topiary! You made it go far. Yes, those evergreen wreaths and potted plants are expensive. That was a great idea to reuse the stems into other projects!

Great idea to reuse the boxwood! It all looks great.

You've definitely gotten your money's worth!! You've repurposed your boxwood beautifully, Holly. Mary Alice

GREAT idea! Wow- What a wonderful looking wreath that made!!!! xo Diana

Holly ! Its beautiful. . . Iheck ya you got your moneys worth. . . that wreath alone would be as much as you paid for the topi. Good job. . . Happy Spring to ya. . .

The cone topiary lives on . Yet another beauty harvested from it's bounty. Looking at my poor boxwood shrubs with a greedy eye!! The wreath is so full and lush. Well done you Holly!!Hugs, Gee