Garden Planter Storage

I love containers of almost any kind. Buckets, milk crates, woven baskets….
Now that Spring is on it’s way the stores are filled with garden planters.

This one is perfect for my magazine collection.
It was $16.99 at TJ Max.
It fits perfectly here by my favorite chair but would be great at the side of a sofa, too.
I like to use things in unusual ways. I could put logs in this planter for Winter.
We had a fun weekend. Look at the view from our room where we stayed.
Westbrook, Connecticut
We just had to catch up with a few friends we left last Summer when we moved away. We laughed just like old times.
Thank you and I LOVE you all!!!
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Kelly Rinzema
March 5, 2013 12:42 am

what a great idea! Looks super cute.

Leslie's Garden
March 5, 2013 1:27 am

How clever!

Linda@Coastal Charm
March 5, 2013 2:00 am

Okay…now this is one \”cool\” idea Holly.Blessings,Linda

March 5, 2013 2:16 am

Great idea- and great images- xo Diana

vicki slusher
March 5, 2013 2:39 am

I so enjoy your ideas! I've already taken an old door and hung ling ways as my headboard. The hubs even went along with it!!! Now i'm sandung an old red painted ladder for a wall decor and using your paint ideas for my luving room . Thanks for sharing yoyr super ideas. Now to go buy a plant container!!

Amy Kinser
March 5, 2013 3:20 am

I love things like that too. I found a couple of really cool, pale blue, aged looking, wooden plant boxes at the end of the summer this past year at Lowes. Great thing is that they were on clearance.

Christine Vandormolen
March 5, 2013 3:20 am

I love that old door and everything around it…CT looks awesome!

Leslie Harris
March 5, 2013 5:42 am

Holly you lucky girl! What an amazing view from that window, I'm so happy you got to go have some fun at such a beautiful place. Those are some great photos thanks for sharing, and as usual, what a great idea for mags.Leslie (Gwen Moss)

March 5, 2013 4:15 pm

I love that door that is in the picture. I use a planter for my magazines in my office too. ours looks great with the door above.Cynthia

Susan Thomas
March 5, 2013 4:50 pm

Water's Edge! I grew up in Madison!!Bringin my planters and garden things in for a while to decorate with until the garden is ready hee hee

March 5, 2013 6:13 pm

love it! and it looks great with your fabulous door, holly! glad your trip was fun! love the water!

Julia Terpstra
March 5, 2013 9:01 pm

Oh my goodness, that view! I want to look out at that every single day. (Alas, I'm stuck with orchards and houses!) So glad you had fun with old friends. Loving the tip about planters; that one is FAB! xoxo jules

March 5, 2013 9:28 pm

GREAT re-purpose…perfect for your magazines 🙂

March 5, 2013 10:31 pm

Thanks Holly, I love thinking outside of the box and using what I have in different ways…didn't think of this one tho! Keep em' coming! I don't think I would have wanted to leave that view, glad you had some hugs and laughs with your friends!!Hugs,Pendra

Gypsy Heart
March 6, 2013 12:13 am

Great idea! I like the look of it and where you placed it.I guess spring is on it's way! Pat

Gypsy Heart
March 6, 2013 12:13 am

Great idea! I like the look of it and where you placed it.I guess spring is on it's way! Pat

Coastal Cottage Dreams
March 6, 2013 2:15 pm

Love your container, so versatile! Looks like a lovely place in CT too!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs
March 8, 2013 5:04 am

What a great use for the planter..the magazines fit perfectly in it…Such a great idea…and I love the view!! Just spectacular…was that the place that you stayed in that is in the background….?

Lynn @The Vintage Nest
March 11, 2013 11:59 pm

what a beautiful place and a gorgeous view. Looks like you all had a fabulous and fun time.