I have found some amazing websites and blogs through Pinterest.
Like this one –
great use of old window
I love this picture and found this blog through surfing Pinterest. I am inspired by photos such as this one and many others.
so pretty
I really want to make a canopy like that somewhere one day.
cottage/family house
As I search for my next house – I dream of it looking like this one.
I refer back to my pin boards all of the time. I have been inspired to create things I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, like this project –
from Flamingo Toes. She inspired me to make this…
Clock face printed at Staples - applied to a table top - a PB knock off.
I pin things from blogs I follow like Gail’s Decorative Touch.
Chipping with Charm - ladder above bed with cloths hanging
So much creativity out there.
And the ecards that come across my home feed entertain me for hours…
I should have them do some stuff for me.  :)
You can view more on my So Silly Board
Why is that one of my favorites?
Be inspired and find something to laugh about today – check this one out first…
Happy – Friendly Pinning, My Friends!