I have found some amazing websites and blogs through Pinterest.
Like this one –
great use of old window
I love this picture and found this blog through surfing Pinterest. I am inspired by photos such as this one and many others.
so pretty
I really want to make a canopy like that somewhere one day.
cottage/family house
As I search for my next house – I dream of it looking like this one.
I refer back to my pin boards all of the time. I have been inspired to create things I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, like this project –
from Flamingo Toes. She inspired me to make this…
Clock face printed at Staples - applied to a table top - a PB knock off.
I pin things from blogs I follow like Gail’s Decorative Touch.
Chipping with Charm - ladder above bed with cloths hanging
So much creativity out there.
And the ecards that come across my home feed entertain me for hours…
I should have them do some stuff for me.  :)
You can view more on my So Silly Board
Why is that one of my favorites?
Be inspired and find something to laugh about today – check this one out first…
Happy – Friendly Pinning, My Friends!

23 Replies to “Pinterest…”

  1. I pin A LOT. And I really enjoy it. Such a great way to build albums and ideas or tutorials. In fact, I was just smiling this morning and thinking that you can usually tell what's on someone's mind. Kitchens, bedrooms, kids rooms, fashion, by what they're pinning that day. I've always had a great experience with Pinterest. I do not use Facebook. I've heard from my daughter that it can really get VERY nasty at times. Not what I need or want. Love the pic. of the dog. Too cute!

  2. These are some great photos, I really love the Country Living shot, it's pure eye candy. And I can see you building something like it in the future. And the pic of the dog is sooo cute.Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  3. You said a mouthful there! I have not really started pinning because I am afraid I will get hooked and not get anything else done. lol I do believe that people can be rude in any media outreach. It is sad that it happens at all- xo Diana

  4. I love the first picture you posted and ADORE that house you showed too! The dog picture is a scream!!! I do enjoy looking at Pinterest but don't pin. Isn't that crazy??? I have my own favorites folder set-up on my computer and I just copy and save photo's in there. Been doing it that way for years, so I haven't bothered to change.

  5. I am so visual. I love Pinterest for that reason. I get emails telling me so-n-so LIKED what I pinned. Or…they re-pinned what I pinned. I honestly forget to LIKE someone's pin. If I like it…I pin it. My main reason for pinning is so I can finds something later, you know?I just spent one evening last week, going through my bookmarks tabs and pinning most of it and deleting broken links so I could find things more easily. It's sad when we, people as a whole, have to be reminded of common courtesy.enjoyed this post. Pat

  6. I couldn't agree more with you! Back in the \”old fashioned days\” I would rip out ideas from magazines but thankfully technology has saved me! I love the inspiration I get from Pinterest and that is what I use it for (plus pinning funny pictures too!). By the way, I too have pinned the dog picture -makes me laugh every time I see the dogs expression!

  7. I so love pinning too. I have got some great recipes form it, some I try, some I don't. And must say that beautiful canopy you mentioned, I know you can make it girl!! Diane

  8. I love your style and so much like mine; however, pinterest has made me very sad that i am so old (53) becuase there is so much to do and so little time!

  9. Well written, friend! I really enjoy Pinterest; especially now that they have private boards! (I don't need everyone to know what I'm up to!) The problem I have is how mean people can be on there! I pinned something once and a guy made a comment that I was a closed minded mother… you get it. Really? I happen to think that I have a pretty open mind and heart. With all social media, blogs and life in general, I just wish that people would follow the golden rule! I love seeing your pins… they are SO YOU! xoxo jules

  10. I can get lost in the land of Pinterest for hours looking for ideas, tutorials and a different way to look at what I have and learn to do new things! I have so many boards of ideas tips, tutorials and DIYs that I save for future reference, when does the future begin? I have so many ideas and yet I sit and look for more, instead of doing! It's time, it's the future, I'm gonna do something today… Well, maybe just a few more minutes… Hugs,Pendra

  11. Amen and well said.Pinterest is soo fun and soo easy to get stuck on there for hours.Love your projects.Hugs,ValerieCottage Making

  12. I need a serious Pinterest intervention! I love that site and pin on it daily. I rarely comment unless it's on a pin by a friend. But occasionally, if I see a pin – especially for a craft idea I've tried and it didn't work. I look at it as a public service because not all pins on pinterest are legit or correct. We all know that – I hope! But I always do it in a kind manner!

  13. Ahhh Pinterest is my \”Happy Place\”! Thanks for including the picture of my ladder canopy…what a fun surprise when I \”hopped\” over for a visit! Have a great weekend…see you on Pinterest 😉

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