Chalk Board for the Family Room

I bought new chalk board paint for my Bill Pay Board.
So I painted this shipping crate lid with it.

We have several of these from my hubby – he’s a science guy. He gets these from the instruments he sells.
I have been wanting a chalk board here in the family room.ย 
I just painted the center and left the frame all rough.
I like it next to my big window. Luke is watching Spongebob for the thirteenth time today.
We are home bodies.
The remotes are in a wire basket on the distressed dresser.
I should write “No More Spongebob” on the board but nobody would even notice.
I wrote “HOME a great place to be…” instead. Nobody will notice that either, but I am glad that my family likes to be here at home. That makes me very happy….even if they watch too much Spongebob.
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27 Replies to “Chalk Board for the Family Room”

  1. The fact that you left the 'frame' rustic is great. Luv it!Hahahahaaa.. we are home bodies as well. I luv it that even now the lads are grown, we still get in a good amount of family time. Hugs, Gee

  2. We all notice! I love the chalkboard, it looks perfect right there. I'm guessing you always have to say, \”turn it down!!\”, too? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would really be quite happy if we didn't have a tv at all. Always love your style, I'm behind a bit so off to check on your older posts.~Shanon

  3. I love how it says \”use other side\” ha! perfect. I remember the Sponge Bob days. Some form of Disney channel or something was on all the time. Then after the cartoons it was all of those \”tween\” shows. EEkkk!

  4. Love the chalkboard! Just found your blog, had fun snooping around, love all your wreaths, definitely inspired me. Look forward to following along ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love it! What a neat piece to make a chalkboard! It looks great on that dresser and next that very neat window!

  6. I love leaving little notes to my family also, and I didn't think they were reading them either until, my 16 year old son erased the sweet note I left for him and replaced it with some smarty pants remark. At least I know he's reading them. :)I enjoy your blog.

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