Chalk Board for the Family Room

I bought new chalk board paint for my Bill Pay Board.
So I painted this shipping crate lid with it.

We have several of these from my hubby – he’s a science guy. He gets these from the instruments he sells.
I have been wanting a chalk board here in the family room. 
I just painted the center and left the frame all rough.
I like it next to my big window. Luke is watching Spongebob for the thirteenth time today.
We are home bodies.
The remotes are in a wire basket on the distressed dresser.
I should write “No More Spongebob” on the board but nobody would even notice.
I wrote “HOME a great place to be…” instead. Nobody will notice that either, but I am glad that my family likes to be here at home. That makes me very happy….even if they watch too much Spongebob.
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