Bill Pay Board

Keeping our bills organized is my job these days.
So I made this easy bill organizing board to help me out.

It is a tall skinny cork~chalkboard that hangs inside the coat closet.
I had these round cork boards that I bought for $1 at Job Lots last year.
They had a super ugly pattern on them so I painted them white. Applied vinyl words at the top of each. Painted them with chalkboard paint, then removed the vinyl words. That gave me a label for my bill categories.
I used some scrap wood to attach them together by drilling a pilot hole on each side of the wood and cork board. Drilled in a screw to attach them in a row. I used D rings and framing wire to hang it.
I used one screw at the top of the door center to hold it in place.
(the burlap you see behind the screw holds my mirror on the other side of the door)
Added a muslin bow over the framing wire at each side.
That was it.
Our bills are mostly on auto pay but I am still a “check it off the list” kind of girl.
When the bill comes I have a place to put it and make a note to myself about the due date/pay off..etc.. 
Then I can close the coat closet door and forget about it!
Paying bills isn’t fun but at least this helps me keep them organized.
I like making organization boards…CLICK HERE to see more.