Hand Cut Heart Cookies

I should have posted this last week but if I make cookies like this ahead of time…I eat them!
I don’t always use a cookie cutter for heart shaped sugar cookies. Only if they are going to a school classroom, do I make sure they are all equal.

I cut them out by hand with a small knife. I make the most of my rolled dough that way and they have much more funky character then a cookie cutter would give me.
Not everybody wants a big one anyway…
Some turn out pretty close in size.
I like the way a mix of sizes and colors look on a plate.
We took plates of cookies to our friends and neighbors.
Before Mazi ate them all!
HERE is the best sugar cookie recipe out there along with a super yummy frosting.
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(aka – food I WANT to eat in disguise) 
Hope you were LOVED & HUGGED on Valentine’s Day!