A Shutter & Candles

Do you shop at the dollar store? I don’t…usually. A friend and I were shopping for jeans and near our clothing shop was a dollar store. My friend needed some stickers for one of her little boy’s school projects so we went in ~ quickly.
I couldn’t pass up these candles…

for $1 each!
I printed out numbers with my Cricut onto chocolate colored vinyl. I had purchased these candle wreaths at an antiques store over the weekend, too. 
I pulled down this shutter and placed it in the center of the table.
Our dining table is so visible from our front entry and the whole first floor. That can be a good thing…and a very bad thing. We use this awesome workbench turned dining table for everything. So most of the time it is covered with homework, projects, food or games.
Here is a better picture of that table…
I love it!
Tonight it is not cluttered up but nicely set with a shutter and candles for a centerpiece.
(a rare moment so I took pictures)
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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm

How beautiful! Love the idea of a shutter as part of the candlescape! You are so smart! Love the tall slender candles too! Dollar Store…gotta love it for a great deal!


NO matter what you do I love it. Such a great blog. You are a very talented young lady. Love your black and white print curtains, awesome and very striking. Love your table, so real and comfy looking, don't have to worry about somebody knicking it bumping with the vacuum (which I'm bad about). Guess I'm good at giving things character huh? Happy Valentine

Christine Vandormolen

you're so clever…love the shutter on the table too

Julia Terpstra

I adore your table; the rich chocolate top makes me drool. I am a huge fan of those Dollar Store candles. I love wrapping them up with paper to customize for the different holidays. Do you think you will be back to the Dollar Store? I just went in today for Valentine's Day plates and napkins for the kids' school parties. Of course I left with a package of Snickers too… how can you resist when things are only a dollar? Happy Hearts Day to you, my sweet bloggy friend!!! jules


The Dollar Store has some pretty good surprises! You never know what you might find.I love the dining table – where did you get the workbench from or did you make that from scratch / the ground up as well.Thanks ….. and have a great Valentine's Day with your family and little Mazi.


You know there will be a run on these at the Dollar Store today… I better get there quick! I want the shutter and table these cute candles are sitting on!!!Hugs,Pendra


I love the way this looks. Don't have one of those cricut machines but think I can find some vinyl lettering at the craft store to use. Thanks for the tip!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Very pretty, Holly, and a creative use of the shutter. I love your dining room. This vignette/centerpiece suits your table, too.

Susan @ homeroad.net

Very pretty Holly! I love your table/workbench and the new candles look great. I've gotten them from the dollar store myself. I like the way you added numbers and the shutter. Looks great as usual! Susan


Glad to know your table doesn't always look like that! It's a daily struggle here to keep ours cleared off. Love those candles!!~Kim


I love your (former workbench) dining room table, it looks awesome. The shutter and candles are a great centerpiece.Mary


Your centerpiece is beautiful Holly! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

Shabby chic Sandy

Those look great– I should get some 🙂 I hate going to the Dollar store because I always come out with way too much stuff. It's only a dollar..right?! 🙂

Never So Simple

OMG! I love this it looks great! Just curious how do you like your cricut? I have been thinking about getting one. Love your ideas keep them coming!Donna


Love them!!!! Your style is lovely.

Gee Singh Newbanks

Shhh.. I never go there either. I went in at Christmas as everyone in Blogland was talking about it, all I got was a pack of snowflakes :-/ But those candles I luv!!! I now have a 4 year old in my life( my son's girlfriend's daughter) and those would be a safer candle option. Hmmm… I just luv your style Holly… but then you know that. Hugs, Gee

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor

Oh, I love it too!! Really pretty….how can you NOT love the dollar store. It will grow on you!

Yvonne @ StoneGable

Holly, what a great find! I love that you used a shutter as a runner. What a creative idea. Your table is so wonderfully unique and your centerpiece makes it even more striking!

Lynda Bergman Decorative Artisan

Beautiful! You're a good shopper and a good decorator! Lynda