Scrap Wood Art Using a Cricut

I started this project several months ago and just finished these decorative scraps of wood today.

I found them in my art supply box.

I always seem to have small scraps of wood around the garage and I like to make use of them. One tool that helps me do that is my Cricut. This is actually my second one in 6 years. I used them a lot while decorating for others in Connecticut and these days I just have a little fun with it on my own projects. Mine is the Cricut Create – the small version that does a lot. It retails for $129.00 but I have seen them for less on ebay, etc.
A big part of the investment goes into the fonts/Cartridges you want. Each one gives so many options.They run between 29.99 to 59.99 retail and one will come with your machine. A video comes with the Cricut to show you how to use it, too. Very useful.
The Cricut cutter and the fonts, print pads and tools are available in craft stores and even Walmart. I have attached the Cricut website link here. I buy my vinyl by the yard on-line at Ordway Sign Supply. The vinyl I like best is FDC 6″ or Oracal Intermediate. I don’t see 6″ as an option on the site today but I have found it in the past – you can special request your desired width. I have also cut the rolls down myself with my table saw. =/
This is transfer tape, the sticky stuff that goes on top of your words or design that pull it off the backing paper and allows you to place your design on the wall as it is measured out during the printing process.
For this design I just placed the sticker on the wood with my little tools.
If you have a business where you might use words and designs a lot – I recommend this little machine but if you just want a couple of designs or words – go for stenciling or check out Etsy.
To hang my 6 inch square art pieces, I used bronze hooks attached to the center of each – one at the bottom and the other at the top.
Then hooked them together. I like seeing hardware and this makes it so I only have to make one hole in the wall instead of two.
The top is even hung with a hook on a matching bronze drywall screw.
A simple project! I can hang these on a skinny wall in the bath or hall.
Even if you don’t make this design…I hope you are inspired to make something similar out of your scrap wood.
I also used my Cricut for this early Trash to Treasure redo.
and this one...
One year I made super cute Christmas ornaments with scrap wood – you can see those HERE
For sign making instructions using a Cricut see THIS POST.
Happy Creating!
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Awesome, Holly! Beautiful as always! 🙂

Linda@Coastal Charm

Holly, Maybe one day I will break down and buy a machine. Your projects are all soooo CUTE!!Blessings,Linda

Barbara Jean

that rustic joy is my ideas.blessingsbarb



Leslie Harris

This was an excellent tutorial, ive never used a cricut machine but you made me curious. At first I thought this was going to be a Valentine decoration when I saw the owl. I've been seeing lots of cute \”Owl be your Valentine\” everywhere. Thanks for sharing this, very clever!Leslie (Gwen Moss)


Cutie pies. I have never used one of those!


Those turned out so cute! Thanks for the vinyl source and recommendation I just bought a silhouette 🙂


Holly – I checked the Ordway Sign website and don't see either vinyl listed that you mentioned. Do you happen to have a ## for the Intermediate?Also…..this is the first comment I've ever left on your blog and just have to say, I am an avid follower and love all your creativeness and inspiration!! Thank you!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot

Those little wood scraps turned out cute. i don't have a Cricut…but I like all the projects I see being done with them. I like the hardware too..and a great idea for saving the wall, less holes!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

those are adorable! i love me some weathered wood and owls! great combination! 🙂

Christine Vandormolen

Thanks for explaining the Circuit Holly…I've been debating to get one and this was useful!!! Greetings