Wreaths….lots of them

I have lots of wreaths …..
Just on my main floor there are – let’s count together –
1 my office (Target Christmas item for 70% off)

2 living room 
(bay leaf wreath from Target many years ago – paid full price – worth it)
3 inside of the front door in the foyer
(thrift store wreath for $1)
4 living room – again (craft store – maybe 12.99)
5 inside the homemade star on our breakfast nook window
(thrift store for $1)
There are actually 7 in this scene – one is hidden
2 on each post, one on the door and one on each twig planter makes 12.
While we were getting ready to move here – my boy, Ben asked “Are we hoarders?” (maybe).
(we did get snow! -YAY!)
This one is made of natural boxwood. It is drying out.
I got it from a local nursery for $19.99
That makes for one dozen wreaths before you reach my kitchen….
What does that say about me? I could try to psycho-analyze that but the real reason is because I don’t have a basement wall to store them on here at our rental home. They won’t survive garage storage – not many things do.
(bikes, tools paint over-spray etc.)
Here are some beautiful wreaths on Pinterest from my wreath pin board – which you are welcome to hop on and follow.
heart wreath by white lace cottage...super cute
Made with Raffia - do this for fall.
barbed wire fall wreath by Funky Junk Interiors
More from my blog…
Oh….and to make my wreath count a “baker’s dozen”…
My Foyer looks like this right now.
(I even have some wreaths stacked on my armoire in the office – oh my!)
This is hard to believe but I hated wreaths when I bought my first house (wish I had a picture – minimalist modern – black and white) and refused to put one on my door. That was way too country for me (wreath styles have come a long way since 1996). We used to make fun of (in a nice way) my “mans man” brother-in-law because he called them reefs. Like a coral reef? He hunts and puts dead stuffed birds on his wall – What would he know about quaint twiggy wreaths? Just a silly memory.
How many do you have?
side note – I have had a sinus infection, flu or cold all month….Mazi has enjoyed sitting on my lap and blogging with me.
She LOVES coffee!!!
We are bonding and she is getting sweeter day by day. I love her. I wanted a lap dog and I got one.

Happy Weekend….go hang up a wreath or two….or thirteen!
view how my Muslin Rag Wreath was made HERE

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Melissa Skidmore

I LOVE your wreaths! I have the same square leaf wreath from Target. It is hanging above my desk. It is one of my favorites. And, funny that your son asks if you are hoarders! My oldest daughter does the same to me! Not hoarders – collectors of beautiful things! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

Style Sisters

I love your wreath choices they are fabulous. Come share your wreath ideas on my blog and link up to centerpiece Wednesday!Karin

Holly Browning


suz salter

Hello, I'm a blog watcher and found yours via Savvy Southern Style. Love your wreaths and don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but your darling \”little\” dog has a \”little\” bladder, so she isn't able to \”hold\” her duties as long as a Golden Retriever could. I've only ever had small dogs and discovered it's important to let them out more often then a larger breed. 🙂

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

Fantastic wreaths…I especially love the twig wreath in the pretty round frame!

Susan Thomas

good Lord you make me laugh out loud!!!Funny post…Let's count together….bah hah hah


although i have none right now i so love wreaths, especially rustic ones. and yours are all so pretty.thank you for sharingrita


I don't have any wreaths but now I want to go make one!!! I love yours : )


Your wreaths are great as well as the ones you featured. Which one did your blogging buddy give two paws up at?Bliss


I love wreaths too Holly! It is nice to know we are not the only ones having potty issues. It is a good thing our girls are cute!;) So lucky to have the snow. It is January and normally in the 50s and we have been hitting 80 for a week now. Not loving that at all. Hope you feel better soon!


well looks like you're staying well hydrated! 😉 I honestly think I have only 2 wreaths. One on the gallery wall of the bathroom we are remodeling. Hope you're on the mend soon! ~Kim

Leslie Harris

I'm so glad you shared those last two photos because I loved seeing Mazi, SO cute. I'm so glad he feels so comfy with Mommy. I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick. Everyone has been sick here but me( I'm crossing my fingers I stay healthy). I love seeing all the wreaths, you motivated me to get two for my dining room.Leslie (Gwen Moss)

Blondie's Journal

You definitely have a lot of wreaths, but they say \”Welcome\”, so you have a big heart, too! I made a Christmas wreath and now I'm excited to make one for spring.So sorry you've been under the weather…the bug is going around really bad here. Have lots of hot tea and rest.Your pup is a doll. We have a little 8 pounder after always having large dogs. She piddles on the bathroom floor (which is an easy clean up) once in awhile now that it's so cold out. So I have been letting her out more often, just shorter times.… Read more »


I love all your wreaths. I am a big fan of boxwood! I really think that Mazi is just the sweetest little thing. Hope you are completely well soon- xo Diana

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Your wreaths are pretty, Holly. I got the idea from reading your blog to hang a wooden berry wreath I had with some burlap ribbon. It is on the closet door in our entry and I love seeing it there. So let's see, that one, another berry one in the powder room, a vine one in the dining room window, that makes three except at Christmas. I really need a new one for the front door now that the pine is gone. Just don't ask me about barn stars.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm

You do have a lot of wreaths! All of them beautiful! Feel better soon!

Dewena Callis

I love seeing pictures of Mazi! Why is it that I never find these beautiful things at Target that other bloggers do? Is is maybe because I don't have the imagination to picture them away from the store display? Probably. I like them all but the bay leaf wreath is stunning. I wouldn't pack it away either, or the others. I too will start pinning some wreaths after I create a board for them.


You know, I have wreath issues. I have tried so hard to make several styles and just epic fail each time. But while reading your wreath post, it occurred to me that I should pin every kind of wreath so that when I go to make one, I have a go-to for ideas. Don't worry about so many wreaths, I have 6 calendars in my house, and my kids think I've lost it. Your Mazi girl is cute, hope she learns … everything she neds to ;)Mary


Love Mazi! She is a cutie! I have two Pomeranians. I wish it was only 6 months but it seemed closer to a year before they were doing fairly well. I didn't find the pad worked for me. It seemed to increase the issues with the first Pom when I used them. The second one we just started going out right away and there were fewer issues that way. Hang in there and feel better! Love you website! ~ Marcia


Hope you get well, soon! Lovely wreaths! And cute doggie! 🙂

debi rosin

HI Holly, I love wreaths too, I find myself stepping back and looking at a certain area, it there is a wreath in the background, I change one or the other, just so there isn't a wave of wreaths. I have an awesome, home-made (not by me) all natural dried wreath I got at a local antique mall for 10 bucks !!! it's huge, beautiful and def a keeper. I have it hanging in my front sunroom, which is kinda bad cuz no one ever goes in there so it doesn't get seen very often.As for training Maize, I have… Read more »


I love all of your wreaths. I didn't realize that you had that many. You DO have a lot, but hey, I've got alot of pillows. Guess we all have \”our thing\”. Don't you think? So sorry to hear that you've been sick. Looks like you're making the best of it though. Mazi sure is cute. I'm sure having a small dog is very different from having a large one. My neighbor has a golden retreiver AND a teeny tiny yorkie! What a contrast! I guess if they can do it, you can too. It'll just take some getting used… Read more »

Gee Singh Newbanks

Might do one or two, maybe even three, but 13.. wait, that would mean going shopping. Maybe I am going to :-)Sorry you are under the weather . If you are game.. try this to 'flush' out the crud. Boil some cinnamon sticks ( or heat water and add some powdered cinnamon. Then add a teaspoon of honey. The combination of them both taken for 3 days will flush out the head gunk. Do feel better Holly. HUGS, Gee