Easy Curb Appeal – 10 Ways

I love my home to have a charming & comfortable feel at first glance, even from the street.
Bringing my style to the outside is important to me.

So I created this post to show some easy tips on how to make your home tastefully stand out among the other homes in the neighborhood. Here is a list of some of my own photos and ideas and a few others, too.

Remove Front Window Screens
I know this sounds like a pain but it makes such a huge difference.
This picture is from our home in Connecticut.
(photos taken on the same day)

Dark screens cover up part of the crisp white trim around the windows. By taking the screens off the trim looks thicker and brighter. If you have your house on the market – do this for sure!
We had full grid windows but so did our neighbors so I removed the bottom grids. Top grid only windows are a popular look with beach properties – which were only a mile away from this house.

Refresh the Entry Door with Color or
Add a New Door with Windows

New England Home Design Blog

desde my ventana


town and country living

This door was purchased from Home Depot for around $200. I stained and installed it myself. My hubby did the door handle (the hard part). (that is a lock box on the handle for the Realtors)
Screen doors aren’t too expensive and add so much character.
Unique House Numbers
Pinterest photo – no link
I hung an old distressed frame around the standard numbers our builder installed.
Decorate the Porch with
 unexpected accessories outside as you would indoors.
Add a Trellis

Blue Roof Cabin
this post shows you how

Decorative Architectural Arbors
This doesn’t look that easy but I bet it could be done in a weekend.
Garage Accents

Sally at Love of Homes found this hardware set for her garage doors.
(I have seen them for $20 at Home Depot)

By: Sally at Love of Homes
Gives standard garage doors a carriage house look – quick!
Add a Window Box or Two

Window boxes aren’t expensive and pretty easy to make.

I invite the little birdies to my window with a feeder. The hook is hung from the shutter screw so I don’t have to make new holes in my house. Adding the star to my greens makes it so I have to keep less flowers alive. A bird house is cute there, too.

Shabby Story
This photo is of a shed but how cute for the garage windows.
Update Shutters and Trim

Love of Homes
Sally made her own shutters.

The Handmade Home shows a tutorial on how they made these wooden shutters.
Be Creative with Your Wreaths and Pots

Decorate Above the Door with Iron or Garland

no link – found on Pinterest

from my post Wreaths…lots of them

Ballard Designs

Keeping mulch turned and grass mowed goes a long way, too.
Sometimes it is the little things that make a big impression.
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Great ideas! I love the hardware for the garage doors! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!Sherry

Hello Holly! I love your Blog! You truly have a gift. Thank you for sharing it! Did you use your glazing technique on the stair rails and newells at your home for sale?

The door you got from home Depot, do you remember the name of the door? Was it wood?Thanks

Love all your ideas and those of others. It really does add curb appeal and more importantly it makes your home stand out in buyers' memory. Like they name it by the front French door…and that's a good thing. Very pretty and welcoming. Helen

Great ideas and inspiration!! I've been wanting to add a trellis over my garage doors for years! Going to have to show this to my hubby 🙂 And I had no idea you could buy the hardware to \”fake\” carriage doors too?? I see a little redo in my future!! Thanks 🙂

What a great post…such great tips! Thank you so much for including my shutters & door hardware! Sally

love the garage accent hardware! what an easy add & makes such a huge difference!- heatherwww.ThisLifeIsYours.com

such a great post, holly:) love the house number ideas, esp. (thanks for sharing my shed pic, too:)

At work reading your new post….want to go home this instant and start working on my outside…lol..Greetings

Love all these ideas Holly! So inspiring. Our outside could use a all of the above. 🙂 Hope you don't mind me sharing on my FB page. Thanks, Julie

Oh, great post! I like the different ways to display the house numbers and those doors – oh my – makes me want to go out and paint mine (again)! Thanks Holly.

Amy…I don't open the front windows….Down fall but we usually have the heat on or the a/c. I put the screens back in for Spring and Fall when we do open them.

Such great ideas! Okay dumb question…if you take the screens off, how do you keep the bugs out when you open the windows up?

Oh, this is the perfect post for me to read this year. I'm completely dedicated to sprucing up the outside of my house when it gets a little warmer out. We didn't get it done last year and I'm determined to freshen up the curb appeal in 2013. Thanks, Holly!!

We have the added challenge that our front door is actually the back door. Our house was built when there were sidewalks to the beach in the front of each house and alleys in back. In the 60s the city removed the sidewalks and deeded the space to houses facing one another. The alleys became the streets and all newer homes face the alley. Our solution to turning our back door into a welcoming entry was to install a dutch door and paint it bright red. Buoys in primary colors and a red adirondack welcome people at the door.I love… Read more »

Curb appeal is extremely important when selling. Great tips!Mary Alice

that first image makes me swoon!!! the gray door and the weathered wood…. LOVE!