The Christmas Decor is All Cleaned Up

The Christmas decorations are all put away.

It feels fresh and clean. I moved the sofas along each wall to open up the room to the kitchen.
Having the large sofa face the TV was great but we use both sofas more this way. It is more inviting to our guests to come on in and stay awhile.
I picked up this new basket at Homegoods for $40
We always need cozy blankets around this gathering room.
Mazi….thinks she is queen of this place.
It is kind of nice when she finally falls asleep.
This large window has been fun to switch around.
Here are some other pictures of how it has been decorated.
It is a large window that I found in Connecticut. I knocked out the glass to make it slightly lighter in weight.
I like to keep the colors all through my house similar so that I can switch accents around from room to room. You can see, for now, that I have tans, grey, white and black.
I love that grey rug from Home Depot. It is so thick and comfortable.
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