The Christmas Decor is All Cleaned Up

The Christmas decorations are all put away.

It feels fresh and clean. I moved the sofas along each wall to open up the room to the kitchen.
Having the large sofa face the TV was great but we use both sofas more this way. It is more inviting to our guests to come on in and stay awhile.
I picked up this new basket at Homegoods for $40
We always need cozy blankets around this gathering room.
Mazi….thinks she is queen of this place.
It is kind of nice when she finally falls asleep.
This large window has been fun to switch around.
Here are some other pictures of how it has been decorated.
It is a large window that I found in Connecticut. I knocked out the glass to make it slightly lighter in weight.
I like to keep the colors all through my house similar so that I can switch accents around from room to room. You can see, for now, that I have tans, grey, white and black.
I love that grey rug from Home Depot. It is so thick and comfortable.
See the rest of this house HERE
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Everything looks so warm and inviting! So how is Mazi's personality? Do you allowing herr to roam the house whenever or are you crate training?


The new room arrangment is gorgeous. I am still taking my stuff down. I am tired of it ALREADY!!!!!Cynthia

Angie Walker

I love the big window on your wall. I have a one just like that, I want to put picture frames on it. How did you get your frames on your window? Nails, glue, ribbon? Will you share your secret please? P.S. I love your home and the way you decorate. My favorite is your old door on the stairway in your old home.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

Love the new room arrangement…it is so beautiful…still with my Christmas decor…planning on \”breaking down\” next week….I am ready!!….


And how is the queen doing with her training?Bliss


Your house looks so pretty and fresh. Wish mine was all done.hugs,Laura

Junky Vagabond

Love your style Holly! I'm gravitating towards those same colors…but in a modern style and with some brights thrown in. Looks beautiful!

blesid thrifter

When I saw the first picture the first thing that popped in to my mind was FRESH! Then I saw by what you had written that you agree!My house always breathes a sigh of relief when the last decoration is packed away. It's like a big party… so fun to have the party decor up; but also nice to close the door after the last guest leaves and load up the dishwasher and take down the streamers!Queen Mazi certainly likes her coach throne, doesn't she? Absolute cuteness from head to tail!

Mary Palumbo Collings

I have a love/hate thing about taking down the Christmas decor… Your home looks pretty…


Such a beautiful room! I love how little Mazie is on the large couch! What a sweetie! Your colors are ones that I am leaning towards too! Have a great Sunday! Hugs, Leena


Love how everything looks! Your little puppy is precious. I think she makes a cute addition to your room too. LOL! I love all the large family photos you've used around the room. I'm not one for small \”school\” photos on the wall, but love yours in black and white and how large they are. Such a great look!

Jana@Transformations From the Heart

LOL-Ok, Sometimes it's difficult to \”read\” if it's a real..can I copy/paste or just the way someone's thoughts are. BTW-Just wanted to let you know that your email is still showing no-reply.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm

It all looks great Holly! I am enamored with that window! What a fun piece to have and change up!

Mary Ann

Love the house, but that puppy is a DOLL!

It's Just Me

Oh Holly, ya gotta make sure the spare room is open cuz I'm moving in. Your living room if SO beautiful and Mazi is just PRECIOUS!!!! Hugs ~Deanna


Oooo I love the new basket! And Mazi is adorable. Wish we had more options in our LR to move furniture around. Room looks great opened up!


Cozy and beautiful! Your mantle is so pretty against the white and yellow. Love the old window to, of course!♥Linsey

Jana@Transformations From the Heart

Holly,Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting, I couldn't send an email back to you (shows no reply blogger) I think because I'm not in your circle on G+anyhoo, I don't mind you copy/pasting what's on my blog about my resolutions post.P.S. I think I'm right there with you on the ADD~my husband would sure chime in and agree.BTW-I'm now your newest follower.

Amy Kinser

Your gathering room is beautiful. I love the color palette. The gray rug is wonderful and looks so comfy. Can I just say again how beautiful your dog is? I want to snatch her up and cuddle with her. Be blessed my friend.


I love it- It looks very \”user friendly\” and fresh and lovely for the New Year. I love that little Mazi-she is just darling- xo Diana

chateau chic

Holly, I'm drooling over your huge window frame. It's fabulous!! I agree, it's a nice feeling to clean up all the holiday decor.Mary Alice

Jana@Transformations From the Heart

Your room looks amazing and so inviting. I love how you put the window frame in front of the fireplace as a screen. Looks gorgeous like that to me. I really need to get our Holiday decorations put away too. Maybe I'll work on that tomorrow.

Shabby chic Sandy

It is always so good to get the decorations down–I am so slow at it this year! I want to organize everything and take things that haven't been used at this house to Goodwill–so I keep putting it off!Your puppy is adorable! Enjoy her!

Carmen Hyde

Beautiful! May I ask where you got the sconces that look like lanterns? I'm looking for some like that for my dining room. Carmen

Coastal Cottage Dreams

I like how you changed your sofa in the room, and your puppy is so adorable.I have neutral throughout my home so it is also easier tot change accents too! Have a lovely weekend.

Yvonne @ StoneGable

What a beautiful room, Holly! My sofa is oriented facing the fireplace like yours was! I live the new open look. I am wild about the treatment in front of the fireplace! All looks so clean and fresh!

Tammy Killough

Dawn….your house is just gorgeous! AND Mazi….well she's just too adorable! But then, you knew that! Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

ours is cleaned up, too, and it feels so good to wipe the slate clean!


It all looks so pretty, and I like the new furniture arrangement.

Heather Carson

love it! so cozy & warm…just where i want to be right now!it's COLD here in boston!!& mazi is sooooo cute!xo – heatherThis Life Is Yours Blog


I love your home…so comfy cozy! And our colors are the same, so I would feel right at home! ~Kim