Chocolate Snowball Cookies

I wanted to share this recipe with you before Christmas – but I have been busy potty training a puppy…ugh!

Coming along…but I’d rather potty train twin boys.

We make these cookies every Christmas.

This is an old family recipe book that is typed – not on the computer with spell check either. My Mom entered this recipe for the book but  it originally came from my Aunt Judy. I remember sneaking these yummy morsels from her freezer when I was young.

How did anybody ever bake anything without a Kitchen Aid?

My boys love to help roll the cookie dough in the powdered sugar.
(give them the messy job)

They turn out better with lots of powdered sugar and
not too perfectly rolled balls.

Let them cool.These are the kind of cookie that taste better cold.
I freeze some for us in baggies.

I took these to a neighborhood cookie exchange….they were a hit.

We better make these again before our New Year Resolutions kick in.
We leave these out for Santa each year –
no wonder he gains 10 pounds every year and only loses 5.

I hope your Christmas was as fun and relaxing as ours was!
(we stayed home rather than travel to see family this year –
jammies all day long)

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Bringing warmth to these old walls.

Looks like a fabulous Christmas. Ours was fabulous as well. Happy New year Hollu


Those look delicious Holly! Good luck on the potty training! It has been 4 months and we are still working on it!:( Love the new addition to the family.Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!!

reFresh reStyle

Those cookies looks go good! At my house it's me that gains the 10 lbs… Your puppy is so cute, but I know what you mean about that potty training!I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!Debbie


HI Holly, I make the same cookies every year. . . I am not allowed to not make them. . .yes I have to do the messy part too, but the family loves them. Your day sounds much more relaxing than mine, prime rib for 17 peeps Christmas Eve and a big dinner at the in laws Christmas day. . . But I WAS in my jammies by 6. Mazy is a sweetie. . . Happy New Year. . .


Those look really good- much more fun than the \”professionally processed\” cookies. I am copying this recipe to try it with the kids.How great to have hung out in jammies all day long- xo Diana

Cozy Little House

It was quiet here. I didn't cook a darned thing. Judy brought me chicken and dumplings from a local restaurant. That's one cute dog.Brenda


That puppy is so stinking cute! I'am also potty training a puppy right now too! We have good days and bad days! Lucky she is so adorable! LOL Happy Holidays!Traci