My Early Christmas Present

After the horrifying events of last Friday in Connecticut, I haven’t felt much like doing any projects or posting.  I have been thinking of those sweet children and their families. I am so – so sad.
There really are no words to say – just heartache.
I pray for peace and comfort for them.
I wanted to share with you my early Christmas present.
Meet Mazi
a 10 week old Morkie (maltese/yorkshire terrier)
She weighs 2 lbs 6 oz (small)
picture before her hair cut

she is a playful little peanut
We put our sweet golden retriever to rest in July and I miss her.
the most lovable creature ever
I love having a dog around the house. They give so much love.
Wish me luck with the potty training….
I hope Mazi brings her own kind of joy to our home
as our sweet Sadie did.
Merry Christmas to me! 🙂
I wish for all of you to have a very special Christmas this year.

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Oh Holly, your puppy is just beautiful. I would take one just like her. So sorry about your golden retriever. Happy New Year, friend.

How did I miss this post. I know you are enjoying your new little darling. Hugs,Laura

We have a morkie named Maisy who is a year a half. She is absolutely everything we hoped she would be. She started off kind of yorkie colors but as she grew and then got her first haircut, she is almost all white more like a maltese. She definitely has a lot of yorkie fiesty-ness in her but is as sweet as she can be. She loves to snuggle up next to me all the time.Sorry you lost your other pup. We had lost a lab around this time last year. It's so hard but a sweet little puppy helps.

Mazi is just so precious! I know you will always love and miss your dear Sadie, but hopefully litte Mazi will help to ease your loss. God Bless! lin

What a cutie!! The potty training wasn't bad. The chewing got to me!Merry Christmas.

Oh how adorable! What a great Christmas present. I hope she brings you many years of joy and affection.

Holly: Congratulations on your newest family member — Mazi. She's adorable and has a loving forever home. ~~~ My sympathies to you and your family on the loss of your beloved Sadie. How blessed all of you were to have each other. It's very difficult to lose a fur children. I lost my beloved, sweet Shadow (Keeshond) in May. We shared 9 fabulous years together. I miss her so much at times…..cherishing her memories help eases my pain. We adopted another Keeshond puppy in July, her name is Mika (mee-kah). She is a joy to have in our family. P.S.… Read more »

There will always be a spot in your heart for Sadie. I remember when you lost Sadie and think there are most likely alot of dog lovers out there that know just how you feel, I know I sure do. I love our new (3 yrs we've had him)like crazy but still miss our Tiny who's been gone for 3 1/2 yrs. Your new little girl is so precious. She'll have your heart all tied up pretty quickly, she's so adorable. What a wonderful loving early gift to receive, I'm glad for you. Good luck with potty training, that's always… Read more »

Well if she isn't just the cutest little peanut! Potty training…oh yeaah, good luck!! Sorry to hear about your Sadie, it's a little like losing a child, a member of the family. Mine was Jesse, it will be a year… oh tomorrow, she was a bundle of loving fun, but was so sick. They do bring us much happiness and love. Glad to hear you were ready to bring in a new little love, enjoy her wonder and sweet joy! Merry Christmas to you!Holiday Hugs,Pendra

Somehow I don't think that lil peanut would make a very big mess…and how could you get mad at that sweet tiny face if she did?? Have a great Christmas with your family!! ~Kim

It is such a difficult time, isn't it? So many broken hearts, so tragic and senseless.Mazie is adorable. We have a Morkie and I love him to pieces. He is 4 1/2 now. He was almost Mazie's color when we got him, and now he's more like your Sadie, he turned a light blonde. He is so smart. You'll be amazed at her intelligence. Ziggy weighs about 12 lbs though, which is great, we can play and rough house with him pretty good. He is definitely all boy. He doesn't like to be held and cuddled, but does like to… Read more »

Oh she is so so cute! I miss having a dog too! We lost our last one, Sullivan, in June and I really miss him. True, it's nice sometimes not to ahve the responsibility, but I miss his little face, greeting me at the door. I miss snuggling on the couch and those sweet doggie kissies! I love how he always listened to me and seemed to know what I was saying. I've had dogs my entire life so this is quie an adjustment. Hopefully I'll get another some day. Merry Christmas! Hugs, Leena

Merry Christmas!! What a little cutie! When my sister's tea cup yorkie was a puppy, she got her a pack n play so she qouldn't get squished. Haha!

Aww. So sorry about your poor Sadie. She was a beautiful dog. I adopted an 11 yr old dog from the shelter last year. No one else wanted her because of her age. She is a very loving dog and does some of the funniest things. I'm not sure if I could handle the puppy stage even if the puppy is not much bigger than a teacup. Mazi is very cute indeed. 🙂

Aww, she is absolutely adorable! I have four dogs, (one giant, two big, and one little), plus two cats, and I cannot even imagine my life without them. I am sorry about your Sadie. I know that time is not far off for my old guy, and it breaks my heart. But the love they give makes the heartbreak so worth the pain. Have a lovely holiday. She will be housebroken in no time!

Holly, Like the rest of us, the entire country, I knew you would be having a difficult time….but I knew your Connecticut background would make it even harder…hugs to you.I can just see your boys playing with Mazi and then curling up on your lap for snuggle time…I hope you find much joy in her!Hugs from Iowa,Michelle

She is the cutest thing alive!! I was thinking of a new dog in the new year and am feeling inspired by your sweet new addition to the family. Diane

Holly, that's such a cute dogie! I love the Sadie's picture. She was beautiful. The love of a dog is a precious thing. Marry Christmas, Holly, I wish you all the best! 🙂

Oh, Ho;;y…she is just precious! I know she will bring you a lot of joy. It's so hard to lose a pet and you waited a good amount of time to have another come into your heart. I wish you all the best with the potty training…it's the most important thing!! I always jumped up and down and gave my puppy (now 8) a little treat afterward and it definitely worked! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! XO,Jane

How adorable! I know she bears the love of Sadie to you through her. The sweetest Christmas present. Give her a kiss for me.

same here Holly, my heart and soul hurt for the victims. I've been struggeling with it myself. I hope the little one will cheer you up!!! Thanks for posting!

Oh she is just so very adorable. My husband just covered his ears from squeal… Wow…I love her & want one just like her. My girls would love to have one like her.

I love your puppy. What a sweet present. But I also want to compliment you on your blog banner. The pinecone panorama-styled qphoto is amazingly sophisticated in it's simplicity. Merry Christmas!

Sweet Sadie…..Mazie is adorable and too cute!Praying for comfort and peace for Sandy Hook.Blessings and Merry Christmas.

OMGosh! She is so cute!! I want one! My daughter has begged for a small pup! ~and I KNOW how you are feeling! I have had a BAD week! I cried in the restaurant today! I think it will be a while till I stop crying-being a Mom of 5 and having a 6 year old boy in grade 1-I am finding this very hard. My thoughts and prayers are with the families this Christmas for sure!

I do know how you feel, Christmas does not feel the same. My heart goes out to all of the families. Now, I have to say, oh what a darling. I was just telling the girls at work that my next dog is going to be small so I can lift it up and wipe off its dirty feet like I do the cat. Merry Christmas.

I adore her! What a wonderful Christmas gift! I have had Maltese before, and I used to raise Yorkies (still have one who is 13) but have never had a mix of one. Good luck with the potty training 🙂 So hard this time of year because they don't like to go out in the cold. I hope we get to see lots of pictures of her in future posts. Enjoy!

That might be the cutest little dog I ever saw in my life. LOOK at that FACE! Oh- she is just sooo soooo cute. I miss having a pet around the house. xo Diana

She is adorable and I can tell by her eyes that she will make a wonderful family companion.We lost our beloved babies last year. Duffy December 6th. and Penny March 6th. They were both 14.Our home was so empty that we adopted in April, June and November and now our home is filedl with 3 giant furry babies so our Christmas will be brimming with puppy love.Congratulations and a Very Merry Christmas,Sue

That is such a cute dog…absolutely adorable!! Merry Christmas, Holly! Sally

OMG to cute, lucky you:)

so so cute!little dogs are the BEST.i grew up with a black lab,and now have a tiny chihuahuaand she is full of so much lovefor such a little girl!xo –

I'm so happy for u Holly, we put our beloved Sierra down a year ago and I still ache for her. But there is nothing more healing than another dog! We now have Stella and she is the spark plug in our family. Utter joy! Blessings to you, Leslie (gwen moss)

Merry Christmas! Your new pup is adorable. We treated ourselves to a new kitty from the shelter this year for Christmas. Having a pet in the house is the best!Angela

I love her. She is the cutest thing. I was thinking we need another dog. Enjoy her, and Happy Holidays.

Mazi is adorable! What a wonderful way to lift your spirits too. Dogs have a special knack for doing that. Merry Christmas!

O, so sweet!Enjoy XMAS & this sweet puppy

aw, she is adorable!!!!! best of luck with the potty training! 🙂

Omgosh…that is the cutest little puppy! Will she get any bigger then that? We have a Golden named \”Bailee\”, our last Golden was named \”Sadie\”! Love the Goldens! Enjoy that adorable new puppy!