Kitchen Window Storage

The kitchen window is a place it seems I spend a lot of time.
I like to utilize that space well with small items stored close by like a basket of wine corks.

Or hanging coffee mugs.
Hanging shutters on the cabinet sides 
makes a nice spot for fresh herbs to hang & dry.
I hung the shutters from a D ring on the back of each shutter – thread twine though it and used a thumb tack at the top of the cabinet to tie it to. I don’t have crown molding on the cabinets so it works out that way.
 These little chalk tags are from the craft store.
I drilled a small whole in it and tied it on with twine.
The basket is hung with hemp twine that slips over a hook at the top…
The window frame is metal here that is why I chose to hang the cork basket this way – I like the look of it.
Our other house was wood so I just had a nail there in the center of the wood window frame.
I know some people don’t like to make holes in the wood molding so tacks leave a really small hole. I will patch this whole with wood filler before I move out. 
A photo in the center of the window looks charming and lived in.
The wire basket is from Target. I grabbed several of them for $2.50 each in the dollar section. (don’t pass that spot up when you walk in – sometimes I find cute gems there) Since we are on the subject of wine, storage and gems I will show you what I picked up yesterday.
I am making plans for this wine box – I will share when I am all done.

here is a comment left for me…great idea!

another cute idea is to note on the wine cork in sharpie marker the date drank & what the occasion was for drinking {even just a relaxing night at home}
fun to read later!

xo – heather

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Christine Vandormolen

Good morning Holly, I had replied directly via e-mail to your message. Not sure if you got it. I send you a few pics of my COPY CAT attempts??? Let me know if I need to re-send them?

Jawed Ali

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all your ideas are super cool. Love the corks in the basket..well, heck…I love it all


If there is one thing I miss it's having a window over my sink. I love how you have decorated it and can't wait to see what you do with your box.


Love the look of your kitchen! It makes me miss living in a house, where I could have a bit more space…. Your ideas are so lovely & practical. I so enjoy your posts!

Shelly Andrade

Holly, I love your style. You make my day every time I see \”Down to Earth Style\” in my inbox! Have a VERY Merry Christmas, Shelly


Love the baskets. I bet they are all gone now if out Target had any.Laura

Granny in NC

Love the mug hanger..Please share where you found it????Granny in NC


I love the shutters on the side of the cabinets. How did you hang them?

Christine Vandormolen

It rocks..I'm always afraid to screw holes into woodwork like that. When you move out, do you just patch it and paint over it??

It's Just Me

Holly, I LOVE it!!! I picked up two of those baskets a few weeks ago. What a great way to store my corks. Thank you. By the way, I LOVE your kitchen!!!!Hugs ~Deanna


It's lovely, Holly! Now, I'm curious about the wine box… 🙂


Adore Adore Adore!!!!!!

Heather Carson

cute!another cute idea is to note on the wine cork in sharpie marker the date drank & what the occasion was for drinking {even just a relaxing night at home}fun to read later!xo –