Kitchen Window Storage

The kitchen window is a place it seems I spend a lot of time.
I like to utilize that space well with small items stored close by like a basket of wine corks.

Or hanging coffee mugs.
Hanging shutters on the cabinet sides 
makes a nice spot for fresh herbs to hang & dry.
I hung the shutters from a D ring on the back of each shutter – thread twine though it and used a thumb tack at the top of the cabinet to tie it to. I don’t have crown molding on the cabinets so it works out that way.
 These little chalk tags are from the craft store.
I drilled a small whole in it and tied it on with twine.
The basket is hung with hemp twine that slips over a hook at the top…
The window frame is metal here that is why I chose to hang the cork basket this way – I like the look of it.
Our other house was wood so I just had a nail there in the center of the wood window frame.
I know some people don’t like to make holes in the wood molding so tacks leave a really small hole. I will patch this whole with wood filler before I move out. 
A photo in the center of the window looks charming and lived in.
The wire basket is from Target. I grabbed several of them for $2.50 each in the dollar section. (don’t pass that spot up when you walk in – sometimes I find cute gems there) Since we are on the subject of wine, storage and gems I will show you what I picked up yesterday.
I am making plans for this wine box – I will share when I am all done.

here is a comment left for me…great idea!

another cute idea is to note on the wine cork in sharpie marker the date drank & what the occasion was for drinking {even just a relaxing night at home}
fun to read later!

xo – heather

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