{Mistletoe} in the Bedroom

Our bedroom got a little holiday refresh.
I’ll show you a few photos of what was added.
A {mistletoe}…of course.
(our twin 10 year old boys can’t handle having this kissing ball placed anywhere else in the house)

green garland and wooden star
silver beads
An extra comforter along the bottom makes it easy to cozy up with my book and maybe take a little snooze.
The lanterns hang from the shelf brackets.
Christmas story books sit in a wire basket.
The vintage french doors each got a frosty wreath.
The letters are our initials.
a little holiday in the bedroom
complete with a kissing ball
as our boys would say…GROSS!
The walls in this room are painted with
Benjamin Moore HC-89 Northampton Putty.
You can view another post of our bedroom here.
To see our romantic bedroom at our last house go here.
(if you can handle it)
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I love your bedroom! It is not often that I see somebody's room and think \”I wish I had THAT room!\” but that is what I think about yours. Just lovely. And the picture of you and your hubby is precious.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

Aw, the kissing photo is cute! Love your bedroom … especially the pillows on your bed!


Love your bedroom:) I think ALL kids think it is gross to see the parents kissing. I know my kids do to:)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse

Love this post…and I love the picture of you two!!

Mary Ann

I think it's gorgeous!


I'm giggling because I'm sure my kids couldn't handle the kissing ball over our bed!Bliss


Love your bedroom and the reaction to your kissing ball from your boys. Just a hint: it doesn't get any better my youngest is 25 and he still doesn't like to see that I am a woman first.


Your bedroom is beautiful and you and your husband are adorable.Hugs,Laura

blesid thrifter

ADORE the last picture of you and your hubby. You always do such a wonderful job of making your bedroom a romantic retreat. Of course the Christmas edition would sport a mistletoe ball! The cozy pillows and all of the special touches make your master bedroom shine! Hope you get that nap today!

chateau chic

You've created a lovely and romantic mood in your bedroom, and the kissing ball is perfect to top it off!Mary Alice


What a clever idea, and it looks just perfect attached to the headboard mantel.

Shabby chic Sandy

Love your bedroom! Love the kissing ball, that mirror is beautiful, the initials and the greenery–everything is fab!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

well it looks lovely but ow how are you going to get any sleep? 😉


A very awesome and romantic idea! Great bedroom! 🙂

Leslie Harris

That is so funny. The \”gross\” comment. I have two boys and I totally relate. Love your room and how you arranged the greeenery. Great job as usual, Holly.Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

Cozy Little House

It's beautiful, and so are you!Brenda


Mistletoe over the bed – what a marvel of an idea!!! Only reading, eh? Haha, great idea! Mary

Heather Carson

so cute!i WANT your bedroom :)xo – heatherwww.ThisLifeIsYours.com

Mary Palumbo Collings

Your bedroom looks, cozy , romantic, and festive…Ciao for now…