Hanging Votive Candles on a Vintage Window

This post will show you how to use hose clamps
to hang votive candle holders.
It may be pretty self explanatory but I will show you anyway.

These are the clamps.
I used them for my Winter Mantel display….
I will show you how easy it was….
Fit the votive into the clamp and tighten with a flat head screwdriver.
After your votive’s are fit then remove the clamps.
Use craft wire to thread through the center of the clamps.
Secure them with a twist on each side leaving an arch
at the top for hanging.
I just hang the candles from small nails.
I use pliers to hold on to the nail while I hammer it into place.
(I have broken my finger nails way too many times with the hammer)
Then hang…
This is great for Christmas but how cute for a garden or patio accent?
Above a headboard in the bedroom???
Something to think about…
Get creative with that idea and show me where you put yours.
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10 Replies to “Hanging Votive Candles on a Vintage Window”

  1. Great idea. I love those little clamps..many uses. I have an old window that I can't wait to bring out of our attic when we move into the new house. This would be a great look for it.

  2. I just had to go thru all your awesome ideas for candles. I get so much incredible inspiration from your blog, don't have enuf time to do all the projects I want to. I'm running out of ink in printer from printing out all the incredible ideas I find here.Had to go digging in my tissue paper stash to see if had any holiday tissue to wrap candles in. Tomorrow I'll be busy wrapping lots of candles around the house among the many other ways to decorate. As you can tell I really love your blog. Love the candle votives with the clamps also from this post. I have an old window I'll be using this idea on also. Happy Weekend.

  3. You are an extremely creative person! Every time I come to your blog, I think : ''How come I never came up with this idea?'' 🙂

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