Homemade Winter Garland

 I have been decorating my fireplace mantel.
I will show you the whole post on that here but today’s feature is the winter garland.

Here’s what you need…
Twig Roping
(from Joann’s $9.99 – use a coupon – it’s never on sale)
50 ct. string white lights (Target for $2.50)
Cottonballs (Target – .99 cents)
Pine cone picks (Target in the Christmas section – $6.00)
White berries ($2.99 at Joann’s – I got 2 of  them at 50% off)
So it was over $16 to make….
I guess that wasn’t all that cheap but – it’s homemade.
(key is to bargain shop after Christmas and snag these items for a fraction of the cost and make them next year – ask for gift cards – January is the funnest shopping month of the year)
Here’s how:
First find the center light and center of the twiggy rope
by folding each in half. 
That is your starting point.
Wrap the wire from the pine cones around them to hold them together.
Peel off strands of white berries (each one should give you about 4 separate bunches).
They wire on, also – randomly placed.
I used a hot glue gun and applied it to the twiggy rope – before it dries stick a little bunch of cotton balls to it.
Glue – cotton balls – glue – cotton balls. 
The cotton balls were meant to look like snow .
I will show you the whole mantel here.
My inspiration came from a local nursery.
They used batting for snow so there was much more white and actual real twigs.